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I am sad to say my that my dear friend Colleen Black, one of the "atomic city girls," passed away this morning. Happy to say that she led a beautiful life and will be missed by many. You can read my remembrance of Colleen by clicking here:

Hello friends,

Just a few days left to help out kids and their families by sponsoring me for the Mountain of Words Write-A-Thon to support the work of Asheville Writers in the Schools and Community. This non-profit organization changes lives with creativity and literacy by connecting writers with children and their families through innovative programs offered in both English and Spanish.

Communication and creative expression are crucial to success in both school and life. Help these kids and this wonderful program out if you can by making your donation here:

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New York, NY, in the Times Square vicinity. D-Day. 1944.
Via +Shorpy.

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Great take on husband latest book by +Joseph D'Agnese.
BLOGS ON - "Borgo" Provides a New Point of View on the Procedural 

When an author attempts to pen a police procedural in omniscient point a view, readers have reason to take pause. After all, a moribund crime fiction subgenre written in a technique that fell out of favor ages ago could signal that the author is exceptionally foolhardy -- or (should the title somehow succeed) exceptionally talented. With "The Marshal of the Borgo," Joseph D' Agnese more than falls into the latter category. 

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So happy to see my local bookstore here in Asheville, Malaprop's, on the receiving end of some of James Patterson's indie bookstore moolah!

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It's tour time! Hope to see some of you all out on the road as I travel the US for "The Girls of Atomic City" paperback tour.

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Waiting to depart from the Atlanta airport. Pilot just walked out and said, no kidding: "The plane won't start. It's too cold." They are awaiting help from maintenance, which I am now envisioning as a couple guys with jumper cables. #ATL #SnowMyGod 

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Good read for the traditionally employed and freelancers alike. Thinking a little negative might help keep your bank balance positive.

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This is, it appears, the end. The Manhattan Project's K-25 plant, once the largest building in the world, comes completely down on Thursday.

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Looking for personalized, autographed copies of books, including "The Girls of Atomic City" to give as Christmas gifts? Call up +Malaprops BookstoreCafe at 1-800-441-9829 or 828-254-6734. They can get me in to sign, and will gift wrap and ship your book out wherever you and Santa need it to land.

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