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With this new foolproof method
you will soon be rid of your unwanted tattoos!
►       very reasonably priced (much cheaper than any other method)
►       effective (removes even white, yellow, orange and turquoise)
►       painless (like a body lotion)
►       comfortable (use at home)
►       friendly to your skin (no scars, no depigmentation)
Small sins are punished by our dear God immediately
- Major sins later ...
Do you also have that problem, that you deeply regret your decision for a tattoo and would like to turn back time? Then you are in good company, because about 15 percent of tattooed people want to implicitly get rid of them again.
It's also embarrassing when the name of your old flame is still unmistakably emblazoned on your skin, a badly engraved tattoo disfigures your appearance or if the motive is no longer up to date.
Just like the notorious tramp stamp, which was in fashion many years ago. Even the name is so insulting, that many women prefer to wear a swimsuit rather than a bikini, because they are ashamed and afraid of the ridicule of their fellow men.
This is what all have been waiting:
Finally there is a real alternative
to tattoo removing by laser
Removing tattoos with lasers is extremely expensive, extremely painful and can even lead to unsatisfactory results in the case of colored tattoos. You have no chance anyway with white, yellow and pink. These pigments cannot be removed, because they are made of plastic compounds, which reflect the laser beams.
The new innovative Anti-Tattoo-Cream BLTR is simply ingenious.
A great invention, to erase your unwanted tattoo much cheaper, easier and more effective than a laser treatment !!!
Just apply the cream to your Tattoos, which you can do at home  ...
Of course you need some patience for this gentle treatment. But after a few weeks you will see a significant lightening of the tattooed areas. Within 3 to 12 months (depending on the type of tattoo) your unwanted tattoos will disappear completely, without damaging your skin or the natural pigments.
Your skin will look like new. There are no patches or even scars!, and because the ingredients in the cream can disolve ALL color pigments, so you also remove tattoos with bright colors.
"Isn't that just Humbug?"
Be honest: With such a low price, you can afford to take that risk!
Removing a tattoo by laser treatment can cost you at least ten times as much as the tattoo itself. For example, if you have paid 120 Euros for your tattoo, then you have to reckon with 1.200 to 2.000 Euros for the removal.
The treatment with the BLTR cream for the removal of such tattoos will only cost you about 80 Euros for permanent make-up, about 350 Euros for a tattoo in black ink and up to 400 Euros for coloured tattoos.
You still need to be a little bit patient!
Our Super-Cream for Tattoo removal is not available till the beginning of December 2015!
Then you will have the choice of three different Anti-Tattoo Creams:
P (Permanent) to remove permanent Make-Up
C (Colour) to remove black and coloured Tattoos
B (Black) to remove black Tattoos
The application of the newly developed and clinically tested Anti-Tattoo Cream is easy, very cost-effective and painless.

An absolutely foolproof method to definitively get rid of your unwanted tattoos forever! Good luck!
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