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I haven't been on G+ in ages. I don't know why. I was so excited for it when it started.
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I never look at it...I honestly forget it exists most days. I'm considering closing mine. There are just too many social media sites and not enough time to keep up with them all.
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"I can always hear a frieght train/ baby if I listen real hard..."
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Teacher of English and the art of thinking, wife to one awesome guy, mama to two beautiful girls, Josilea and Aayla.
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It's difficult to explain how it feels to type this review with my naked eyes just one day after my 3D LASIK procedure. The proof is in the pudding, I suppose, since yesterday morning my vision could not even be measured on the 20/- scale. In that space on my chart, they wrote "CF3," which means "counting fingers at three feet." This morning I woke up and was able to see the faces of my family for the first time without corrective lenses. I was amazed at the crisp detail of my vision and how well my eyes were already healing. I went in for my follow-up exam today, and my vision is now 20/20, though it may get even better over the next few weeks as my eyes continue to heal. Now, you have probably figured out that you will pay more for Dr. Wang's services than you will at other laser vision providers. This is not because of hype. It's because he is the best of the best. He is so far ahead of the curve on these technologies that there is really no comparison. We had to do a lot of financial shuffling to make it work, but we believe what we were effectively paying for was a significantly increased risk of a great outcome. To use a sports analogy that will show my age, a lot of people can play basketball. Not everyone is Michael Jordan. Some helpful info to consider: -I chose to do a consultation and, if it was determined I was a candidate, have the procedure same-day. From what I understand, this is only done on Fridays. You can expect it to take up the whole day. We were not uncomfortable at all, but it would be a good idea to bring snacks and/or pack a lunch if you choose to go this route because you probably won't feel like eating after the procedure. -Each and every member of the staff was kind and genuine, took time to address all questions and concerns I (or my husband) had, and made me feel safe and comfortable. -I rejected the offer of a sedative before the procedure and was totally fine. It is a little strange to be fully aware of everything that's going on, but know that if taking mood-altering substances makes you uncomfortable, you can and will be fine without doing so. For me personally, I felt I would be better able to follow instructions and understand what was happening to me without the drugs. At no point did I feel I pressured to take or do anything. -For the rest of the day after the procedure, you will feel pretty crappy. It will be indescribably better the next day, but be prepared that the first 6-8 hours will be unpleasant. Plan to go home, lay down, and keep your eyes closed (except when you take your many eye drops) until the morning after. Plan to have someone with you at home to help you administer drops and gather things you need, as your eyes will be sore and tire easily, and your vision will still be blurry. Dr. Wang is a strong adherent to Christian faith. He prays a quick but audible prayer before every surgery he performs. While I do not share his religious beliefs, I also did not find them a barrier to our rapport. He is a man who walks the walk and doesn't just talk the talk, so to speak. Overall, I would recommend Dr. Wang to anyone who wants a laser vision surgery of any kind. I researched for two years, and in the end there was simply no one better.
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I've done a lot of car shopping over the last ten years, and I can confidently say this is not your average dealership! The folks here are down-to-earth, and the whole vibe is super positive. The sales team doesn't work on commission, so they are just nice, personable, honest people who genuinely want to help you find the vehicle that's right for you. They went above and beyond to work with me, even though I was a little upside down in my trade. Most importantly, when it came time to work the deal, they didn't come back with some crappy first offer they knew I couldn't afford. I can't stand haggling with finance managers; they didn't do that at all here. They came back with an offer they knew would fit our budget instead of trying to sell us on some high-interest loan, and then even worked to lower our interest rate so we could afford an extended warranty. On top of all that, they helped us wrangle our three kids through the process and stayed late to finish the deal so we could drive our new Mazda home. Great guys to work with! Highly recommend!
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I only chose Poor-Fair because there is no "Totally Worthless" option. I experienced this company's service as a wedding photographer. My clients had booked this limo service from their ceremony site to their reception site. From the time he arrived, the driver was rude and unprofessional. He acted as though everyone were wasting his time, despite the fact that he was getting paid for it. I sat up front beside the driver, getting shots of the wedding party through the opening to the back. When the father of the groom, who was paying for the limo, asked the driver if he could turn the air on in the back (understandably - it was June in South Georgia and all the men were in tuxes), he slammed the limo into park, stomped around to the back, got in and very rudely yelled, "The air is right HERE!" It upset the bride terribly, and made the whole ride uncomfortable and tense for the wedding party. At one point he slung the limo around a corner, which caused one member of the wedding party to spill the glass of champagne he was holding. The driver yelled that no one should be holding any glasses, and that there would be additional charges for the spilled beverage. The groom's father assured him it would be taken care of, but the driver continued ranting and fuming about it. One of the groomsmen tried to talk to the driver and reason with him during a stop in Forsyth Park, where fortunately the bride and groom took a carriage the rest of the way to the reception and no longer had to deal with the driver's rudeness. This helped some, but didn't last long. When the limo finally arrived at the reception, I watched as the driver began yelling and CURSING at the groom's father! It was a very bizarre and terrible experience. I really thought it might come to blows at one point. The groom's father behaved in as dignified a way as I think anyone could in the circumstances. Even as a fellow events professional, I have never seen anything so unprofessional and rude in my entire life. Don't waste your money on these thugs!
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Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Great! The folks who run this place are awesome and friendly, and they hire great employees. And, unlike many Bruster's stores, this location is inside, so you can get out of the heat! My favorite place to get ice cream!
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This place is fantastic. REAL smoothies, not that fake fast food garbage. Only one size of smoothie, but tons of flavors, and they'll make you something that isn't on the menu. I can live with one size (24 oz) given the quality. They also have great sandwiches and wraps. My new favorite place.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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I eat here every time I'm in Brunswick. Delicious burritos with much fresher tasting ingredients than similar chains. Kid-friendly, comfortable atmosphere and fast, courteous service.
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