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Blog #5 – Jazz’s History: A Dynamically Migrating Genre
Coming into this class, I had
listened to some of the greats of jazz that people will refer to when their
mind initially approaches the genre, including Miles Davis, John Coltrane,
Charlie Parker, and Louis Armstrong. For white jazz musicians, I knew of Gle...
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Blog #4, The Interdependence of Art and Community
In Robin Kelley’s biography of Thelonius Monk,
Kelley explores the classical relationship of nature vs nurture in its effect
on maturation. Kelley divulges on the significant role that Monk’s childhood
environment San Juan Hill—a New York neighborhood on th...
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Blog #3, 1930's-- The Disruptive Depression in Full Swing
From the early times of ragtime to its
evolution seen in New Orleans to jazz, this musical style always held a certain
tagline to it—a tagline associated with African America roots. Going back to examples such as the
Congo Square reinforces the notion
that ...
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Blog #2, Big Apple Trumps Windy City
The Roaring Twenties transitioned
the heart of jazz from Chicago to New York City just as the post-bellum
movement from New Orleans to Chicago. I argue that from the early 1920’s to the
end of the decade, New York City was the new geographical foundation of...
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Blog #1, Down the River
The Louisiana Purchase opened up
a vast amount of land to the still nurturing United States in 1803. As this
area developed, the Mississippi River became a hallmark of trading and market
sharing between regions and businesses across the country. New Orleans...
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