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We played another game of +Andy Millar's Route Clearance. This time the microgame version rather than the 200 word version.

The microgame has a lot of good stuff over the original. A simple character creation inspiration mechanic, specific questions for each route card that worked really well together in our game, questions followed one another and appropriate questions ended up with appropriate characters.

However the idea of having held characters still seems wrong to me. Injury and death is really difficult to do when the endgame requires the player characters to be alive and to have avoid medical evacuation. Since you don't create any NPCs during generation its mostly faceless, nameless soldiers, Taliban and civilians who die.

I think I am going to use a variant with troupe play in future.

We also played six players and went for 2-3 cards per player and it was handy to be able to match the game length to the time people had available to play.

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It's this week and the theme is... detectives!

We had an interesting example of a siblings relationship adjacent to a parent and child relationship in our last game with a Sociopath at the nexus of the two relationships.

The ability to share dice using the relationships combined with the fact that the Sociopath is immune to the relationship penalty and usually has plenty of humanity to power the sharing made me want to check the rules.

Does the relationship kick in when the relationship character is resolving a Scene or any time they are supporting the resolution of a scene?

Basically when and how can you share dice with those relationships?

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Played a game of Route Clearance (two aces so it didn't go well!).

The basic card laying mechanic works but the randomness of the draw can make the scene framing repetitive.

There's also something a bit quirky about essentially "holding" a character to narrate rather than creating a unit of pooled characters.

I'd probably be interested in hacking the game a bit. It certainly felt like all the things I enjoyed about Twilight 2000!


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This is a long overdue writeup of a game of +Jason Cordova
's Public Access game.

It's a weird tale of dubbed puppets and Eastern European orphanages.

I'm thinking of trying to organise a mini-campaign of "Sword, Crown and Unspeakable Power" in London. Is this the best place to look for other players or is there another community somewhere?

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Crowdfunding now due January 2018
As we head into the weekend, let me remind you that for only $10 you can help usher +Kevin Allen Jr.'s new game into the world! One of the reasons we're gunning for your hard-earned dollars is so that we can get amazing artists on board. This book is gonna be as rad to look at as the game is to play.

We'll be getting our cover from +Alexis Ziritt ( - his kinetic use of color is such a perfect fit for the energy of the game and we couldn't be more jazzed to have him on board.

For interiors, we've lined up our good friends +Rachel Kahn (, +JB Roe ( and Amy Houser. Amy has already shaped our vision of the post-western world with her illustrations thus far, and we'll be looking to Rachel and JB to fill out the world with hot action, cool critters, diverse characters and memorable vistas.

We're going straight for our actual goal, which is commissioning everything in color right off the bat. And then anything extra goes right into more art! Our vision for the game is to be something you can enjoy on multiple levels, from the shelf to the table.

Thanks so much for the support so far, and please do spread the word about the project (even if it's not your thing) - it really helps us out!

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Out of the entries we playtested today my favourite was Fair Verona Burns which created a very deadly Venetian feud for us. My favourite moment was when the famous duellist struck down the sleazy doctor, only to scratched by a poison ring in turn (a Hate interaction with a tie, props to Hamlet for the inspiration, ovie).

In terms of rule changes, three scenes is not enough to build all the required relationships or even necessarily include all ten characters. I would play Act One until all the characters have at least one relationship.

We forgot to keep adjusting the relationship map in Act Two, doh!

Having characters die off-stage is very unsatisfying, either the character should be fatally entangled in the consequences of the current scene or it would be worth to have a very short, possible narrated scene to give the victim a good send off.

Definitely a game I'll be returning to.

I just wanted to say that the new website for the challenge is great, it's fantastic to be able to replace all my old sets of URLs for Google Docs, PDFs and personal sites with simple clear ones.

It's even helped me find more things I'm interested in from last year.

I wrote this before this year's competition was announced but decided not to submit it as strictly speaking it's not a game.

S-Bomb in the Valley of the Perverts

A roleplaying scenario to be played with your favourite freeform system.

The great ArcoDome, haven in the sands, jewel of the Deadlands, is ruled by the mighty, powerful S-Bomb, a modified kinkbot with spying eyes.

S-Bomb seeks a lover to match their perfection, they have tasked their branded subject, the lecherous inventor Gentaji to build the perfect being: Ramone.

Lemora, S-Bomb's minion, accompanied by their sullen sex slave Jager, keeps an eye on the inventor and makes sure the project goes to plan.

Ramone, a simple as a child, is in love with Freiga, the inventor's downtrodden,ragged and beautiful maid.

Meanwhile Captain and Cadet , notoriously dirty but sexy desert pirates have been captured and thrown into the slave pits for the pleasure of the ArcoDome's inhabitants.

Unknown to all, Mirayn, Gentaji's twin and Captain's former lover, has infiltrated the Dome to claim the bounty on S-Bomb's memories offered by the Central Intelligence.

A great storm of dust, wind and fire has descended on the Dome, no-one may enter or leave while it rages. Whose love will prevail and who will ultimately come to rule the ArcoDome?

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