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I've ended up playing quite a few games of Fall of Magic this year.

I thought I'd share the outcomes with you all.

In the first game magic was renewed with the Magus being reincarnated within the Glow.

In the second magic was renewed but the fate of the Magus was ambiguous.

In the third magic was yet again renewed but the giant killed the Magus after the rebirth of magic which heralded the end of the world as the Magus had created the cycles of magic and essentially imprisoned everyone within it.

In most of the games travel was via Mistwood, only a conscious decision to foreshadow interesting things in the mountains moved the last game in a different direction.

In the first two games the Magus was something of a cipher but in the last game they were a more manifest character interacting with the player characters and inflicting their will upon the world as the burned through the last traces of their power.

I found it interesting that every group having got to the destination have essentially decided the magic should be saved despite different interpretations of the Magus. I suspect there is something about the sunk cost of having played the game for so long and then just confirming the thesis the premise of the initial scenes.

Few characters gained descriptors in our games so the change at the end of the game has generally consisted of erasure, which works but has a slightly weird effect of the characters being less than they started rather than changed by the journey.

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I'm looking for some players to playtest a teen detective hack called "Best of Fiends" on Rolegate. It aims to create a game with a Veronica Mars or Riverdale vibe.

If you're interested please sign up or pass on the invite to someone who might be interested.

My copy of Dialect arrived but the bloom was taken by a £15 duty fee as the package hadn't been correctly labelled by the shipper.

Books don't pay taxes, games do pay taxes. It's the risk of physical Kickstarters I suppose.
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I found a few morals lying round from an old game, I found them evocative....

* Don't cross the fat man!
* Do anything for shekels
* "Immortality" can only be bought at a cost.

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This is a writeup of a Discovery Phase quickstart. This isn't something I normally do, which is strange as often there is a key mid-game Discovery Phase that melds the start of the game with the end.

I feel that maybe the Discovery Phase doesn't really let us see that much about the Rogues unless you allow a lot of colour around their investigations.

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I've written up an opening Rogue's Phase, generally I tend to come up with something after the characters are generated so it reflects the world implied by their backgrounds but I also think it's useful to have situations that have already worked in the past and could perhaps work with a range of character types.

I have a couple more of these I'd like to share.

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Today I've published a version of my game The Setlist which is about trying to capture the creative dysfunction that can exist when simply trying to create a list of songs that a group of people like and want to perform.
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I've just posted my Vast & Starlit hack Children of the Witch, which is about what happens after the children the witch enslaved have killed her and find themselves in charge of her magical house.

Imagine Hansel and Gretel meets Baba Yaga.

I've also posted this on Ello if that's your thing, username carnel-zine.
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