Karol and the Insiders crew proudly announces the new release of Blokada, with the hallmark of 3.6.
The new version ships a lot of improvements in stability, reliability and a re-organisation of the UI, please let me list a few of them:
- Improve reliability of the new filters handling code from v3.5
- Improve general tunnel stability
- New Advanced Settings screen is added
- Added a setting for list update frequency
- Added 'wifi-only' update mode
- Decrease data usage by downloading only lists which have too old cache
- Added a setting to prevent the system to stop Blokada when the system's power saving is enabled
To read all the things that are below the hood, follow this link: http://go.blokada.org/changelog
While the code was written, we reached 150.000 active users*, 1216 followers on facebook and our Telegram group grew to have 1384 members.
If you like the project and want to keep it alive, consider to donate: http://go.blokada.org/donate
Or join us: http://go.blokada.org/blog_insiders
You can download the newer version from https://blokada.org/#download
We can have a chat on Telegram if you have questions or need assistance: http://go.blokada.org/chat

F-droid version will arrive in the upcoming days, the code is shared with them.

* estimated value, based on number of downloads
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