Hello! We were hoping we could ask a favour of you today...would you mind sharing our message with your friends about the dangers that Chinese or 'sky' lanterns pose to animals please? We're worried about the growing popularity of these products, particularly as the Olympics are fast-approaching.

From livestock to marine life, these lanterns can cause horrific injuries and even death through swallowing parts or through entanglement or collision, such as the owl in this picture. We're issuing a plea to ask people to think of animal-friendly ways to celebrate instead.

Our Chinese (sky) lantern web page has a downloadable information sheet with more information on the dangers of lanterns for animals. Please feel free to download and share this. http://www.rspca.org.uk/allaboutanimals/helpandadvice/chineselanterns

(Photograph (c) Simon Pain, Billow Farm)
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