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What a girl...........
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Write what?
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+Paris Hilton should learn
Alan Shapiro originally shared:
This is Boris. A story of bad days, good days and magnificent days.

This is a story from September 2010.
Thought I'd share given that I hear it's Story-Telling Friday:

Boris is a rarely-medicated, paranoid schizophrenic who spends his days in Madison Square Park. On one of his "bad days", he is easily the scariest homeless person I have ever seen, complete with his facial tics (from too many psychotrophic drugs) and endless tirades against so many unseen demons. He is someone I walk very quietly by. I will often leave a sandwich a few park benches away and then make some noise to get his attention and point out the food and then walk quickly away. I seldom photograph him as I like to get a person's permission first and he is rarely coherent (at least when I am around) I am also scared of his potential reaction. I don't usually fear people, but Boris was frightening and erratic.

The picture on the left is Boris on an "okay" day.

The other day, I was walking by him with my knapsack when he abruptly cleared his throat and pointed at me. I turned to him slowly and he beckoned me over with a shaky finger. I can't tell you how anxious I was feeling at that moment.
He then spoke to me for the very first time (and with a surprising amount of clarity):
"You're the camera man I see here a lot. You're always taking pictures. Do you have your camera?"
(It blew me away that he noticed)


"Could you take a picture of me? It's for my grandaughter. I want her to know I'm mostly alright."

So we took pictures. Many pictures. And talked. About why I take pictures all the time. About him. The shelter where he stays. How people steal his medicine thinking it'll get them stoned. But mostly about his grandaughter, Emily who he hasn't seen in 6 years.

I walked away with tears in my eyes. Feeling honored and graced.

I went back the next day hoping Boris would be there (and fearful that even if he was, that he would be back in his usual "bad place." But he was there and still in a good place". I brought him a few of my picks printed out but had the entire set on my laptop. I sat with him and my laptop and let him choose the pictures he liked and wanted to send to his granddaughter. We did some retouching together which made him laugh; hoarsely and painfully, as if it had been a very long time between laughs.)

He said his hands shook too much to write and would I help him type a letter.

I then told him I would print everything out and take him to a post office but he said no. That he didn't know where he'd be later and could we e-mail it to his niece who has custody of his granddaughter. He pulled a tattered notebook filled with scraps of paper from his enormous suitcase that was his "mobile home"

I went to shake his hand when Boris opened his arms wide. Of course I hugged him as the morning crowds walked through the park wondering what was going on. And then I hugged him again (my tears came by him and to me)

I told him as I tell you all, that this was a magnificent and incredibly special thing he let me do. And that I would remember this experience forever.

Don't spare change. Make change.
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Amazing Pic
Lightning Reveals Its Power in Slow Motion

If you thought lightning couldn't be any more awesome, you thought wrong. The power of slow motion let's you see every last spark as it dances across the sky.

One strike hovers in the frame almost the entire time while other hundreds of other strikes flicker in and out in single frames.
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mukesh patel originally shared:
vivek agnihotri - 08:53 - Limited
जब अटलजी देश के प्रधानमंत्री थे, तब उन्हें घुटने में कुछ प्रॉब्लम था और देहली के... एम्स के डोक्टरों ने उन्हें अमरीका मे इलाज कराने की सलाह दी थी, तब अटलजी ने साफ मना कर दिया और कहा की, "मैं देश का प्रधानमंत्री हूँ और विश्व मैं देश को रिप्रजेंट करता हूँ अगर मैं ही
अमरीका जाकर इलाज करूँगा तो पुरे विश्व में यह सन्देश जायेगा की भारत मे अच्छी चिकित्सा सुविधा नहीं है, अत: मै भरत में ही अपना इलाज करवायुगा"
और अटलजी ने मुंबई के ब्रिज्कान्द्य हॉस्पिटल में अपनी सर्जरी करवाई ...
यह है देश के सम्मान के बारे मे सोचना......................
*और दूसरी तरफ , कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष सोनिया गाँधी ने अमरीका में जाकर अपना इलाज करवाया ,, (with 18 Lakh per day room rent )
वहा रे देशभक्ति !*
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Real Time status of Indian Trains
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I support the January 18th Wikipedia blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA. Show your support here
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Alejandra Diaz originally shared:
Earth. As seen from Mars.
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Sanjay Khanzode originally shared:
When another person makes you suffer , it is because he suffers deeply within himself . And his suffering is sippling over . He does not need punishment , he needs help , thats the message he is giving .
-Gautam Buddha
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