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Kat M
On it like something on something...
I can't think of examples right now :-p
Thanks for tagging me. I am sharing it too. I am glad this is happening.
+Scott Cuyjet need you big time on this one #stopmonsanto  Going to be very difficult to raise the $$ necessary!
+Blythe Metz The power of aware people working together, finding voice, and living in difference making ways has never been more possible than right now, today. :)
Thank you +Ralph Cloud push it out anyway possible through all your networks! Much appreciated - let people know they can donate as little as one dollar to make this happen!
Thanks tons +Jordan Oram we should do a water drinking telethon - For every dollar someone raises you and +brad wyman will have to drink up over a 24 hour period! Blessings 
hi  , dear  Blythe  i ve signed and shared all ptetition for to closed this F.... monsanto lab , i dont say it to u , but i m an active member of greenpeace and theres a long time to MST lab (lol ) is my ennemi! have a nice day/night? great post ! i m glad u re with us on this fight !
It's a noble cause coming out our circles hope it turns out great than expected.
I am not surprised in the least +Claude ALBERT So excited to have you aboard! Please help spread the word! Let people know they can donate as little as a dollar to make this worthwhile project a reality!
Stop Monsanto from doing what?
+Blythe Metz I want to donate, but I want to know what happens to the money raised if you don't reach the Fixed Funding amount.

Fixed Funding campaign
This campaign will only receive funds if at least $150,000 is raised by Tue Aug 07 at 11:59PM PT.
Yeah, can't watch videos right now. Using the equivalent of a 56K connection.
Correct +Scott Cuyjet if we don't reach our goal the monies are returned the same day as the campaign ends. We need to reach the goal to make the project a reality!
Then I will donate as there is no risk of loosing my money.
AHH +Scott Cuyjet so so sweet! Any amount - a dollar is fine! PROMOTION is the KEY! Your Rawk!
Just sent an email to my wife's aunt who is a farmer in Iowa and active against Monsanto. I will post on fb later as it is blocked on my work computer and the link does not post as well off my phone. Is this a for profit or non-profit project and if the latter is it tax deductable?
Donation completed. Make sure you spell my name right ; )
Just trying to stick a thorn in there gut! #stopmonsanto  Every little bit helps! Your thoughts will all be in the film! Check out the project! Need all your support +Adam Cantrell ! Doing what I can with what I know how to do!
Here is the link

Spread the seed (get it)

Strange. I am using IE. I know. It is all I have access to at my job.
So I selected the Contribute Now button off the linked page and get to the next page. I don't want to go any further as I have already contributed, but this is good to know as it will prevent people from donating +Blythe Metz 
+Shaker Cherukuri did you figure it out!! If there is a problem on the site please let me know!! So appreciate your support!!
+Blythe Metz I was just thinking that a big push needs to be made on Monday as many people are drifting away for the weekend.
Kat M
#stopmonsantomonday  ;)
I saw a movie about this in my school's environmental science class... #stopmonsanto  
Great +Joe Jimson - help us get out the word!
Is our campaign 
Stop Apple also, Apple=Monsanto=Greedy
What's wrong with greedy?
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