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Modern with a retro design, choice of colours to suit different personalities. #moto360  
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unfortunately you would need to cut of the bottom because of technical limitations. but it is a very good design. 
+Johann Dirry everyone keeps saying that but the truth is you don't.. You can easily make it lockscreen like and press the button 
Is the watch face a little off or do the lines rotate as well? Because if the lines are static, wouldn't the 3pm line be in the center/middle of the physical button on the outside?
Thinking more about it, it's like the softkey buttons on Android, they dissappear in some games, and if you make the slide movement they appear again
+Alisan Cavdarli i will consider that. however, the region on bottom in the PSD files is marked to not use it. it is not a large issue here, since the design could easily be scaled down a bit. 
Your correct Yash, I will rotate to alight the outer dial. 
It looks good but it's really close to an earlier submission from Darren Moyer
I spotted that myself after an hour of working on my design, I can assure you the idea was my own.
Or maybe the colouring can simply be to coordinate with my current wardrobe!
That was my main thought Kevin, a colour for any outfit and occasion.
So we just need a companion app that uses your phone/tablet's camera to do a "selfie" and then pick the best complementary color for the dial :)
Please tell me this is a working watch face that i can put on my watch
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