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Most (but not all) of this will be going. I am finalizing the Dungeon Crawl Classics list (not pictured). But, if you see something else you're interested in, let me know and it might be available.

Not the Arduin stuff though +Jay Hassan ;)

Also, still getting the RM stuff together +Gilbert Isla
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Space Master Privateers collection - Great condition. $65

Core book
Races & Cultures
Future Law
Robotics Manual
Equipment Manual
Blaster Law
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Selling my Space Master 2nd Edition items. Would like to sell as a bundle for $125, but will break apart. As with all my stuff, feel free to give me a reasonable offer.

All of these items are used...

Space Master 2nd edition Boxed Set - Box is worn, Interior books and map look new except for some minor rubbing from being in the box. $40.

Armored Assault - Good condition, complete except for the dice. Unpunched. $60

Star Strike - Used but serviceable, one corner is split, unpunched ship counter sheet, but it was printed off center a bit. Missing many of the utility counters and dice. Also includes the 3 Vessel Compendiums, though none of them have counters. $50.
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First to my friends before posting on Goblin Emporium. My ICE Cyberspace collection. These books are in very good condition. Looking for $60 shipping included.
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Great surprise gift from my buddy +Jay Hassan

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Ok, I think Barrowmaze and environs lends itself well to my proposed Freebooters of the Frontier hybrid game. I have to watch out for my gaming ADD, I almost got derailed trying to pick between Dungeon World, DCC or B/X (LL)
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+Tony Tucker is running a great Dungeon World game. I had always stayed away from it because I felt it was too "storyish" for my tastes. However, after playing it, I am surprised to see that it runs very similar to how I ran my games and includes some things I was toying with implementing, only it is all codified.

I am thinking on running a hybrid model with Freebooters on the Frontier. A game that is focused on delving and treasure hunting with some pre-created set pieces, yet with room for player derived fiction. I am curious to try DW with old school dungeon crawling.
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I'm wondering if anyone is hosting any games, I have some availability in the evenings starting around 8pm eastern. I might even be convinced to try running one, though haven't run one online before.

Most interested in B/X D&D, S&W, Stars Without Number. Or maybe even Gamma World.
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Here's what you get for $300 (domestic media mail shipping included) ...


Player's handbook (Green)
Castle Keepers Guide (Green)
Monsters & Treasures (Green)
Classic Monsters (Green)
Keeper's Screen

Codex Nordica
Codex Celtarum
C&C Chaos Touched

Collector's Edition Whitebox (Opened, complete)
Collector's Edition Blackbox (SW)


Lost City of Gaxmoor
The Undercity of Gaxmoor

GG1 The Mysterious Tower
GG2 Palace of Shadows
GG3 Secret of the Smuggler's Cove
GG4 The Slithering Overlord
GG5 The Dread Crypt of Srihoz

A0 Rising Knight
A1 Assault on Blacktooth Ridge
A2 Slag Heap
A3 Wicked Cauldron
A4 Usurpers of the Fell Axe
A5 The Shattered Horn
A6 Banishment & Blight
A7 Beneath the Despairing Stone
A8 Forsaken Mountain
A9 The Helm of Night
A10 The Last Respite
A11 The Wasting Way
A12 The Paladin's Lament

C1 Mortality of Green
C2 Shades of Mist
C3 Upon the Powder River

DA1 Dark Journey

F1 The Goblins of Mount Shadow
F2 Crimson Pact
F3 The Giants Wrath
F4 To Kill A King
F5 A Shattered Night

S1 Lure of Delusion
S2 Dwarven Glory
S3 The Malady of Kings
S4 A Lion in the Ropes

U1 Shadows of the Halfling Hall
U2 Verdant Rage
U3 Fingers of the Forsaken Hand
U4 Curse of the Khan

Nine Worlds Saga Volume I: Hel Rising
Nine Worlds Saga Volume II: Odin's Fury
Nine Worlds Saga Volume III: Crises in Alfheimer

A Druid's Lament
Reaping Bones
Shadows of a Green Sky
Stains Upon The Green
Beneath the Dome

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Castle Whiterock is new, in shrinkwrap. $120 domestic media mail included.

Gazetteer of the Known Realms was unwrapped and perused, but otherwise unused. $80 by itself. SOLD

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