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David Lykken
TRANSFORMING an industry, one PERSON, one PROCESS and one COMPANY at a time
TRANSFORMING an industry, one PERSON, one PROCESS and one COMPANY at a time

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The One Question You Should Ask in Every Interview

One of the ideas I often like to use in my consulting practice is the principle of “Start with Why,” discussed by leadership expert Simon Sinek. Before you think about the product you are going to offer or how you are going to go about bringing it to market, it’s important to ask yourself why you’re producing it in the first place. Why are you in the business you are in? What drives you? What is your purpose? If you don’t ask this question, your work will end up mediocre at best, and catastrophic at worst.

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Great Leaders Never Stop Improving

I spend a great deal of time and effort writing, speaking, consulting, and coaching one single topic. It’s something everyone in the mortgage industry (and everywhere else, for that matter) wants for their businesses and their lives. It’s the goal for which we’re all striving—the reason why all of us get up in the morning. Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about “success.”

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Planning to start a Mortgage Business?

check this video testimonial from Casey Crawford CEO of Movement Mortgage How he start Owning a Mortgage Business.

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Planning to start A Mortgage Business?

Check This Video Testimonial from Casey Crawford CEO of Movement Mortgage How we start Owning a Mortgage Business.

#mortgage #mortgageindustry #mortgagecoaching #executivecoaching
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How to Start Mortgage Business? Need some information and Guide to Start Mortgage Business?

Start Your Mortgage Business Now :

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The Secret to Excellent Training in the Mortgage In-dustry

In the mortgage industry, everyone starts in the same place. While there are some college programs specializing in the mortgage business, most people who are new to the industry are discovering the mortgage business for the first time and therefore rely on extensive training. As a result, our teams are only as good as we can train them to be. The problem, of course, is that training in the mortgage industry can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive. How do you make sure you’re getting the most out of it?

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Keys to Developing Leaders And Top Sales Performers with Dale Vermillion
On today's podcast where to be talking about the keys to developing true leaders within your organization as well as top performers. Our special guest will be Dale Vermillion, a well known sales and leadership consultant, trainer and speaker who has trained over 1 million mortgage professionals at 400+ client companies over the past 33 years. Dale's "Mortgage Champions" 'others-first' selling system has had a powerful impact on some of the top mortgage lenders in the industry. As a result of Dale's selling systems, which we are going to hear about on this program, his clients have, on average, experienced an astounding 136% sustainable growth. It for this reason, that I want our listeners to hear and learn about Dale's approach that is making a difference in whole companies while changing lives.
As normal, the first half of the program will feature, Joe Farr of MBSQuoteline providing a rate & market update, Alice Alvey of Indecomm Global Services providing a regulatory & legislative update as well as Paul Muolo of IMF News & Sam Garcia of Mortgage Daily giving us a quick overview of the latest news stories impacting out industry.
Please tell others about this program and take a minute to share a link to this program with your friends and associates in the mortgage industry.
Thank you,
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Your host, David Lykken
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David Lykken, a 43-year industry veteran, has been an owner-operator of three mortgage banking companies, a software company and several leading consulting companies. For the past 14-years, David has been helping companies grow through CONSULTING, Executive COACHING and COMMUNICATIONS.
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