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Prime Unlimited - Point proven
Prime Unlimited - Point proven


I kept you all waiting quite some time but there are some cool news:

First of: I switched to libgdx as a game engine for the current game. The disadvantage was, that I had to redo all stuff that was currently already implemented in the game.
This took some time but I will save a huge amount of time because I can relay on a pretty stable game engine rather than doing one by myself.

So the current state: See the alpha test group :D
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We released the first Early Access / Pre-Alpha / Dirty-as-hell-nothing-real-yet-implemented-version of our first game.

If you meet the following criteria, you can join the tester team/community and "play" the game:

1. You have no problem in joining a G+ community
2. You have a device with a 7" screen at minimum
3. Your device runs API 16 or higher

If that is no problem for you, comment here and I will invite you to the community where you find everything you need to know!
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There was a long time no real update but that's gonna change from now on!

5 new projects where set up and are ready to go.
I know that isn't much news but I don't spoil :)
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I changed the profile picture. What do you think? Feel free to vote via comment :)
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Currently working on some debug information which should display some details like coordinates of a shape and their bounding box.

If you have a good eye, you might notice that the bounding box of the middle sized circle has some padding to the actual circle. The reason for that is pretty simple but somehow disturbing:
The circles are rotated and the generated bounding box will be rotated, too. If you construct your bounding box by applying a matrix to a rect (to transfer translation/rotation/skew) the result that will still be a rectangular with parallel sides to the x and y axis. The documentation says there is a rectStaysRect() method. The result is a bigger rect after a rotation.

The color selection/generation needs to be improved, too. They are currently barely visible.
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This is a screenshot used by the current state of the engine.
Already implemented features:
- Scene graph traversal
- Matrix manipulation like translation, rotation
- Animation to rotate and translate
- Drawing thread supporting DOD (drawing on demand) or continuously drawing for max FPS
- timed objects that change their values FPS independent
- primitives like circles, ovals, rectangles and triangles
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After I registered the domain a month ago, I managed this week to get the most exciting "Under construction" site online you have ever seen. HTML5 at its best.

Also a developer instance with the first projects was successfully set up.

The next steps will be to create the git repositories and finally start some planning and programming.

(edit: the appearing icon does not represent Prime-Unlimited, it is the icon from the developer instance using Redmine as a project management tool)
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