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Swift Rabbit
Talking tarot, gods, magic and ethics all with a dash of southern hospitality
Talking tarot, gods, magic and ethics all with a dash of southern hospitality

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I Can't Live Outside of Time or Place: Why there are Mysteries I Won't know and How That's a Gift
Two weeks ago I got three quarters
through writing blog entry about how my perceptions of the weather
and reality are different. In this case I was writing about how
warmth and more daylight don't correspond and what that might me for
mean in my practice. ...

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Reflecting on Dismal Weather
It's been unseasonably cold here in the
lovely Alabama. Actually, the cold is entirely within the normal
range, but it's a sudden cold snap compared to our previously
delightfully mild winter. It warmed briefly this morning and the
temperature is already...

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Judge Not Less You Be Judged? Why Can't we Engage in Compassionate, Critical Conversation Regarding Religion and Our Personal Experiences
in December John Halsted wrote “ TheFirst Commandment of Paganism: “Thou Shalt Not Judge” (and whythis is a problem) ”, a
brilliant, controversial piece that you should read if you aren't
familiar with it. I've been thinking about the piece in detail...

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Fear, Perceptions, Reality, and Seeking the Middle
“So I finally caught the Baptists
yesterday who keep leaving all that literature in my doorway and told
them to stop,” I tell my friend in passing. It's a big victory for
me, they've been leaving this stuff for me at work at least once a
day and at my hous...

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A Random Blogger Thought that has been Pulling on Me for a While
I miss Star Foster. I know she's
controversial and that a lot of people found her mean spirited,
attention seeking, and so on—I still miss her over at patheos. I used to follow patheos
regularly—probably too often. I'd check in two three times a day.

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I find pagan coffee to be a very
conflicting situation for me. I love the idea of a bunch of pagans
showing up for coffee on Sunday and shooting the shit. I like to
hear about how the others are doing, even though we almost never talk
about our religions....

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List of Religious and Creative Projects I'm Currently Working on with Status Updates:
House Spirit Series: This is a series meant ideally for children ages 5-9yrs of age.
They are picture books about hospitality and gracious behavior. The scripts for being a good
host and being a good guest are complete and I had composed two

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Sacred Moving?
Not counting moving in and out of
college dorms in the last decade I have moved six times. The first
four weren't easy per say, but I could feel the Divine calling me and
encouraging me. My whole drive across the country, even on my own,
filled with ever...

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Been Quiet for Quite A Bit
It's spring time and like every spring I've been particularly busy.  It's not an excuse, but I've been caught up with my friend's pregnancy (she's a month away from her due date), I've got engaged, and I've bought a house....which I'm still trying to move i...

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Forgiveness and Guilt from One Faith to Another
For me spring is about freedom and life.  It's about energy and love.  My honoring the season change involves exercises like fairy joy bubbles , taking lots of photos of seasons' change, watching the progression of flowers' growth and learning something new...
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