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Apparently someone called my grandmother in North Carolina and tricked her into telling them my name, then used my name, her lack of knowing who I am, and her distress and love to get her to send them $2,000.

My mom woke me this morning because her mom was fussing at her over the phone to make sure I was at home in bed. Apparently this con man convinced her that I was in a bad car accident, and had to wire $2,000 to Spain or I would go to jail, and that i was asking her because I didn't want anyone else in the family to know about it.

I understood what happened as soon as I had a moderate grasp of the situation, and I'm not sure how to prevent this from happening to others. The con man preyed on fear and having people give them information.

"Hello, grandma? Don't you know who this is?"
[presumably something along the lines of "Who is this?"]
"It's your grandson, don't you recognize your own grandson's voice?!"
"Is this Alex?" <- You just messed up.
"Yeah, it's Alex! Listen, I was in this really bad car accident..." <- And now you're being reeled in.

How do you keep people from falling into that trap? I'm 'smarter than that', but I can understand why people would get fooled by it. I mean, just hearing the story, it sounds ridiculous to me.

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I was with +Matthew Loupe and we decided to do another autotune phone call.

+Aaron Cornwell answered the call.

This is a live phone call, and its narrative is based on a true story.

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I recommend you check out Chad Urmston's solo album Simmerkane II, it's one of my favorite albums of all time.

My Magic: the Gathering circle should be called "Circle of Protection: [what?]"
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