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Gordon Hoag

I just finished an HTML5 / Responsive design using the Kube CSS Framework. It all went very smoothly and with little additional CSS I duplicated the look of my existing site.

The problem is it doesn't work on IE8 or below. I found Browser Sniff 2.2 on Devotee and was wondering, has anyone used it with success? Could I use it to conditionally switch templates as well as call an alternate style sheet?


Good weekend here, 19 countries and 21 states; QRP and indoor antenna! Would have been even better if I had had digital modes working for NAQP RTTY...

Have them working now though and love how the Flex does PSK. 

Hello everyone, Call me crazy but I've gone QRP! Not that QRP is crazy mind you but I live in an apartment and am restricted to indoor antennas.

After being off the air for 8 years I purchased an SGC-230 Smart Tuner and put a loop in my spare bedroom in 2008. Mostly all CW and a little RTTY I worked and confirmed my DXCC award.

I just bought a Flex-1500 and am now trying to repeat that at 5 watts. So far so good, I really love this radio and hear so much more!


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In response to +Paul Lannuier's comments I thought I'd share this setup photo:

 Ya know, I thought I had the same problem. Even downloaded the trial version of Virtual Audio Cable.

As it turns out, it works by default with no other drivers required. I'm running PowerSDR 2.6.4 and here's how I have my settings and it works perfectly with FLDigi...  

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Found com0com yesterday and now have my Flex-1500 connected to FLDigi. Too bad I didn't figure out transmitting digital modes until this morning, missed out on NAQP RTTY :(

Been playin PSK this morning :) Pretty cool how you can make signals disappear with TNF+

Can anyone point me to a good, fool proof tutorial on creating virtual com ports? I've already tried VSPManager but it refuses to work (tried several times on the shack computer as well as 2 other computers).

If anyone could recommend another port client that would be great!


My Flex 1500 showed up on Wednesday and I've been so busy making contacts that I forgot to tell everyone...

Wow! What a great experience! I've been living with an S9 - 10db Over noise level for so long I forgot how enjoyable CW can be. Before, I could always work what I heard; now I hear stuff I can't work so the challenge is on!  Indoor only antennas here. I made DXCC and WAS here with 100 watts and an indoor loop, now for QRP...

Looks like I'm getting a Flex-1500 after all! After having a blast in IARU this weekend and then playing around in the SYBO QRP contest I found that 5 watts is doable with my indoor restrictions.

After mustering up the courage I bid on one at ebay and was high bidder! It should arrive in time to play this weekend...

Hello community! I don't yet own a flex but am very interested in getting a 1500. I am an apartment dweller so I am not able to have outdoor antennas. I am currently on the air however with an indoor loop fed  with an SCG-230 Smart Tuner, just not sure how well I would do at 5 watts...

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If you're not already familiar with Steve, wG0AT and some of his antics, you might want to look him up on G+. He, (and his 2 goats), have a LOT to do with SOTA (Summits On The Air).

Check out some of his time line for some interesting reading...
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