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Denny's 2010 (pre-ACA) employee health care plan:
$7.62 biweekly got you:
$300 yearly limit on doc visits,
$60 yearly limit on lab test,
$150 yearly limit on x-rays
No ambulance, hospital admission, surgery, anesthesia, or AIG critical illness coverage.
$200/day towards being in the ICU for 30 days, and $100/day after that.

Even their deluxe "Signiture" version would have left me owing over $100,000 for my time in the ICU, and around $6,000 for my surgery 2 yrs later as they only pick up 25%.

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This popped up the other day, and I didn't install it as I don't really need to see the site in the font they want it to be in..... Lucky me.

New record! First time ever anyone has had over 1000 activities in a year at work.
Last year my department had a total of 1354... so far this year 1680.
Let's just say I am really happy we are training a new person so we can split this up amongst 3 people, rather than 2. 

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Maybe not the best place to lean those...

Send an email.
Get back an out of office response that tells me to contact (NAME)... but gives no contact info.

#idiots #officeidiots #thatisnothowthisworks

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We played Snow Tails, a sled racing game.
Think of it as Car Wars with no weapons, but you can still take damage. Tons of track options, including ones with trees!

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China seems to be getting comfortable with traveling to new places.

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Worth eating here. Grabbed some Gra Prao Beef. Pretty happy with what I got. 

Someone said they had diverse taste in music.
I looked at their player. Country, Pop, Rock, Metal...all bands that get radio play.
They've never heard of ElectroSwing, Nerdcore, Chalga, didn't have any Classical, Punk, or Rockabilly. No mashups, no EMD, no Disco, no Folk, no Jazz, no Swing, no pre 60s Country or Rock, no J or K Pop.
Missing out on a world of music there.
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