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Fire Protection Engineering, Forensic Engineering, and Property Loss Control Consultants

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Rooftop fire at the Bellagio - (

Las Vegas is known for its explosive activities. However, I don't think the fire on the roof of the Bellagio is what they had in mind, especially since the Bellagio is known for its water show.

At 11 pm last night, firefighters arrived on the scene, and the fire was effectively knocked out in 20 minutes. Luckily, there were no injuries, no evacuations, and no damage to the rooms so overall, it was a success.

However, it did take 77 crew members, due to the difficult access and strong winds. The roof also had quite a bit of Styrofoam, which contributed to the quick spread of the fire. The exact cause is unknown, but it looks like it was exterior electrical lighting.

Onlookers reported that the air was filled with plastic-smelling smoke and fireballs were dripping from the building. The Bellagio estimates that there is $400,000 of damage done. This is not unlike the fire that occurred by welders at the Monte Carlo, although that incident cost $100 million.

The Bellagio should be able to recoup the cost of the damage in a few nights of poor slot machine players.

#Fire #Bellagio #HotelFire #Vegas

However, it

The importance of proper waterflow switch testing:

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What’s been going on in fire protection engineering and at Harrington Group? Check out our latest newsletter to find out: 

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What do you need to know about portable fire extinguishers? Find out here:

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Fires during construction - (

There have been three major fires this year on construction sites or new apartments.

In early February, a fire destroyed an upscale apartment complex under construction in Maplewood, New Jersey. Over 120 firefighters fought the blaze that destroyed roughly two-thirds of the 235-unit complex.

Last week, Raleigh, North Carolina experienced their biggest fire in the downtown area in nearly a century, when a fire quickly consumed a five-story apartment building and damaged nine buildings in total. Then yesterday, an inferno fueled by high winds and dry conditions, devastated a neighborhood in Overland Park, Kansas. The fast-moving fire destroyed one four-story apartment building, damaged another and sparked additional fires at 17 single-family residences nearby.

There was a common thread in all of these fires. Each took place in wood-framed apartment complexes that were under construction. Without fire protection measures like sheetrock and other finishes installed, flames quickly spread to exposed lumber and plywood causing extensive damage to the apartment buildings and nearby structures.

The Raleigh construction site reported frequent inspections, but the inspector clearly didn't see the fact that there were missing fire safety features. There is an extensive code for construction sites, to prevent this very thing from happening.

If you need fire safety equipment, we're your guys. Check out our site today.

#fire #firesafety #apartment #construction

Back to basics - what is fire? Find out in our latest blog:

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Locked door leads to multiple deaths...again - (

Something that comes up in fire cases again and again is that a locked egress door prevents occupants from escaping a burning building. A fundamental tenet of the NFPA fire code is free egress; occupants must be able to get out of the building without the use of any keys, tools, special knowledge, or effort (with a handful of exceptions).

The original cause of this fire code was because of a fire in NYC in 1911, where 146 garment workers perished because the owners locked the stairwell doors. Just a week ago, this happened again in Guatemala when 40 youths were unable to leave their building.

The Code is very clear: an occupant must be able to open an egress door with not more than one latch and/or lock releasing operation (residential dwelling units can have two operations, or three if existing). Operation of the releasing mechanism must be readily obvious under all lighting conditions, including no light.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Prisons, being one. However, in cases where there are exceptions, there are additional pieces of code that should fix those situations. Mainly, automatic fire alarm systems that will results in those people being let out. Yes, security is important. But being able to flee from a fire is important, too.

If you need any fire safety equipment, check out our website today.

#Firealarm #fire #firesafety #lifesafety
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