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Wedding Venues In Orange County
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Orange County California's comprehensive wedding directory

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Like most folks, I hate to get caught in the midst of a style disaster. Like when you’re out for drinks with friends wearing your brand-new, cream military style jacket and someone accidentally tips their glass of red wine onto it. If you’re accident prone to like I am, you shouldn't be without a Fashion 911 Kit consisting of six inexpensive items.

1.Tide To-Go Pen
These little gems work on multiple fabrics like cotton, denim and even linen. They erase stains from coffee to red wine. You can get a great deal on Tide Pens at Costco for a super pack.

2.Double Sided Tape
This tool works great when you’re wearing a top with thin straps that requires a bra but the strap keeps appearing from under your top. Place the double sided tape on your bra strap and be worry free. If you wear super low-cut dresses that must stay in place, attach the tape to the underside of the dress and stick directly on your breasts.

3. Band Aids
Apart from the obvious cuts or blisters, you probably never thought of placing band-aids over your nipples. While rocking a slinky top without a bra why spend money on pricey nipple covers when band aids works just as well?

4. Maxi Pads
a. If you have to stand in closed toe heels all day no doubt your feet get uncomfortable from the hard soles and trapped heat. Slip in an ultra thin maxi pad to absorb the sweat and cushion your soles. Trust me, it’s cheaper than incessantly buying insoles and nobody will ever know. At the end of the night, go to the washroom and thrown them in the trash, your date will be none the wiser.

5. Spanx
There isn’t a celeb out there who doesn’t wear Spanx underneath their gown on the red carpet to smooth bulges and erase panty lines. Spanx can be pricey, so buy them in nude, wash by hand and they’ll last for years to come. If you’re on a super tight budget, cut old stockings at mid-thigh height and wear them like Spanx (this is where the idea for Spanx came from).

6. Needle, Thread & Safety Pins
You never know when you’re traveling for work and a button pops off your coat or your trouser hem gets caught in your stiletto and you need a quick fix. Safety pins also work great for women who need to pin that embarrassing bra-exposing gape on their button down shirt. 

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