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What is cost of pashmina shawl or stole.
There are many pashmina products available in market shawl,
scarf, stole etc.. but the price of cashmere shawl may be between $300 to 500$
if you are buying original 100% cashmere pashmina shawl. If you are buying mixture
of silk and pashmina than it is che...

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How many type of pashmina is?
1)       Pure Pashmina is known as cashmere wool that is naturally
made from some special type of goat. Pashmina production process is done by
hand. It is known as 100% cashmere pashmina it highly demanded by UK and other
country. Pashmina is unique type of...

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Process or steps to make pashmina?
To make pashmina all work is done by hand only by very
expert person. Production of pashmina is take long time, and work. Because
there is a lot of steps to produce pashmina. I mention steps to how to make
pashmina: Himalaya goat     -- >     combing
Hairs ...

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What is different between Shehtoosh & Pashmina?
Firstly there is very big different between Shehtoosh &
Pashmina. Shehtoosh word is used for wool garments usually shawls, Shehtoosh is
made from the hair of chiru. Chiru are almost similar like goat but not goat.
They found at in the high Himalaya Mountain...

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