Ghostbusters hack example:

Stantz, Spengler and Venkman head back to deal with an old enemy - the Library Ghost. she scared them off the premises last time, but now they are back with some proton packs and a ghost trap. After a brief negotiation with the librarian, they head back into the basement stacks.

The Library Ghost is a Class 3 repeater. As a class 3 ghost, it has an Ectopresence of Good +3, with the following aspects. It starts with three fate points.
Silence is Golden
“No human would stack books this way”
Menacing Form When Angry

Since this is a contest, everyone gets one action. Everybody rolls, and the highest roll wins. The first side to three victories wins. If the ghost wins, she flees the basement and the boys don’t get paid. If the busters win, into the trap she goes.

Spengler whips out his PKE meter, using Investigate (Fair +2) to track the ghost.
Stantz pleads for the ghost to come quietly, using Empathy (Fair +2) to reason with the ghost.
Venkman invokes Silence is Golden, singing off-key on purpose to antagonize her into appearing. He gives a Fate Point to the ghost and adds +2 to his Rapport, bringing it to Superb (+5)
The Library ghost is trying to stay hidden, spending 1 fate point to invoke No Human, trying to distract the boys with floating books and her old tricks. Her Ectopresence is now Superb (+5).

They roll.
Spengler: Great (+4)
Stantz: Average (+1)
Venkman: Superb (+5)
Library Ghost: Superb (+5)

A tie. Something unexpected happens. The busters hear a noise. One by one, their packs heat up. Venkman leads a silent count, they spin heroically around the corner - smack dab in to the new situation aspect Leroy Lipshitz, Ghostbusters Superfan.

A moment or two plays out as Leroy babbles on about his favorite Ghostbusters. Venkman indulges for a few moments before they begin the hunt again.

Spengler goes back to his meter: Investigate (Fair +2)
Stantz,rather than rolling on his own, uses his Lore to Create an advantage. “Of course! I researched her after our first encounter. Leena Holcomb, died 1918, right here in this very room! Her favorite author is Nathaniel Hawthorne” It makes sense to the GM that Ray would be the type to research an old foe, so the difficulty is merely (Average +1)
Venkman, getting impatient, aims his proton thrower at one of the stacks. “Yeah? I prefer Ray Bradbury.” He uses Intimidation to force the ghost out (Average +1)
Because Leroy is babbly so much, the ghost focuses her actions on him, to compel Silence is Golden.
They roll: 
Spengler: Epic (+6)
Stantz: Fair +2
Venkman: Mediocre: +0
Library ghost: Mediocre: +0

Egon succeeds with style: two victories. His PKE meter lights up as it passes the book in Leroy’s hand. Stantz recounts some of Leena Holcomb’s History.

Stantz: Where did you get that?
Leroy: I grabbed it off the shelf! I needed something for you guys to sign.
Spengler: (taking it from Leroy) A copy of The Scarlet Letter...
(Venkman gets that look on his face.) Egon, try not to hit me with the containment beam. Ray, gimme a pen and get. Is that Leroy with two “L”s?

Spengler gets ready to shoot (Average +1)
Stantz sets up the trap in a good spot with Notice (Average +1). Since the library is a bit cramped, the difficulty to do so is Fair.
Venkman signs the kid’s book, hoping the ghost will come for him. That’s a gutsy move, so he’s rolling Will (Great +4).
The Library ghost will do anything to stop such a defacing of property. She invokes Menacing Form When Angry and Leroy Lipshitz (who..just...keeps...talking) for a big +8 Ectopresence.

They roll:
Spengler: Mediocre +0
Stantz: Fair +2
Venkman: Fair +2, 
Ghost: Epic +8.

she succeeds with style this time. Two victories for her. Spengler can’t get a clear shot, but stantz has A Trap at The Ready.

Venkman finishes his signature with a flourish. He hands the book back to Leroy, who for the first time since we’ve met him, is quiet.

Venkman: She’s behind me, isn’t she? (waits for an answer from Leroy, who says nothing) whimper once for yes and twice for now. 

Leroy whimpers once:

Venkman: How pissed is she?

Spengler: Like the time you borrowed my centrifuge to make margaritas.

Stantz: Like the time you told Janine I was building a robot to replace her.

Venkman: Oooh. Okay, Leroy, you are about to get a hug from Dr. Pete Venkman. Love me!

Spengler is shooting a confinement stream to create advantage at a good +3 difficulty

Stantz is firing his proton pack at Average +1

Venkman tackles Leroy using his Athletics at Fair+2

The ghost involves her Scary Form again for a superb +5

They roll:
 Spengler rolls Fair, but spends a fate point on his mad scientist aspect to make it good +4 to create the aspect
Stantz rolls Mediocre +0
Venkman rolls Good +3
Library ghost rolls Superb +5

The library ghost would win, but Venkman invokes Holcomb’s History, A Trap at the Ready, and Egon’s Containment Stream for free for +9 total roll. 

Venkman hits the dirt hearing the final wail of the library ghost as Egon’s containment stream forces her into the trap.
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