Ghostbusters hack aspects:

Franchise Role: This could be your job title, or more abstract like "Ray Stantz, The Heart of the Ghostbusters"

Previous Experience: "Janine, someone with your qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries."

Brush with the Supernatural: Your first run-in with something not of this world. 

First Interview: All franchisees go through an intense interview process. Take a few moments to play this interview with the other players. You are the interviewee and the other This is a chance for your character to answer classic job interview questions -  “Describe a time when you used your customer service abilities to save the company money?” to ones unique to the Franchise -  “Should astrally-projecting employees be paid overtime?”

Second Interview: You decide on the second interview aspect with the rest of the interviewers. If you came off Eager To Please, they’ll let you know.

Each player chooses at least aspect that applies to the franchise. Choose enough aspects to make things interesting backstory for the franchise itself.

Aspects may include:
The Building – Creepy Old Firehouse
Finances – “Everybody Has Three Mortages These Days”
Company Vehicle – Converted Hearse
Support Staff – “Ghostbusters, Whaddya Want?”
Public relations – “But The Kids Love Us!”

Franchise aspects get one free invoke per session. They can be used to compel any franchise member.
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