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Rob Wieland
The shirt says professional, but the sneakers say freelance.
The shirt says professional, but the sneakers say freelance.


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Here is my latest SWAR!

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My latest review is up!

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The first in a series of articles where I review all the WEG Star Wars adventures in my library. I read though a lot prepping for an upcoming SW FFG game, and I thought with the 30th Anniversary edition of the WEG RPG coming out, people might want to hunt down some of these.

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Villain - Captain Stephen Fevrier
Villainy Rank: 11 Strength: 7 Fevrier incorporates the Bone Hook Hand into his Valroux style in unusual ways. Influence: 4 Fevrier's ship, Le Chien de Chasse au Loup (The Wolfhound), was recently refitted by his new employers, the Atabean Trading Company. A...

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Game Hack - At Sword's Point
The Explorers Society, named after my favorite secret society, is a fan-created resource for additional 7th Sea Second Edition content above and beyond the official books. Mark Diaz Truman asked me to create some content to help the website launch, so I pit...

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Hero - Irene de Montfort
Traits: Brawn: 3 Finesse: 3 Resolve: 2 Wits: 3 Panache: 2 Arcana: Virtue (The Witch): Intuitive Activate your Virtue to ask the GM one yes or no question about an NPC. The GM must answer honestly and should be generous—for example, if there is a qualifier, ...

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Hero - Aletta Villanova
Traits: Brawn: 2 Finesse: 2 Resolve: 3 Wits: 3 Panache: 3 Arcana: Virtue (The Tower): Altruistic Activate your Virtue to suffer a Risk’s Consequences in place of another Hero. Hubris (The Fool): Stubborn You receive a Hero Point when your Hero is stubborn a...

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Hero - Yans Ingemar
Traits: Brawn: 3 Finesse: 2 Resolve: 2 Wits: 4 Panache: 2 Arcana: Virtue (The Beggar): Insightful Activate your Virtue to discover a Brute Squad’s type, or to know a Villain’s Rank and Advantages. Hubris (The Lovers): Star-Crossed You receive a Hero Point w...

My crew, the renamed Triflers, hit two scores today:

They dove into Strangford Manor to get the Key of Daemonostromos to deal with the fire demon they released last session. The score went off with out a hitch, outside of them picking up a haunted painting and the Whisper's possessor ghost friend establishing a keen rivalry with their Cutter, Rockie.

Then they opened to help Lute clear a pesky Skovlander named Ulf Ironborn out of muscling in on their tavern. the Skovs saw through their poison ploy and put the Hound and Lurk in a desperate position. The newly dubbled Triflers came out in force, even going so far to inject Ulf with Drowning Oil as they were all arrested so that he died while being transported to the Bluecoat district house. Of course, when the Triflers got home thanks to a few greased palms to the Charhollow ward boss Sgt. Marconetti, they found that the Grinders had stolen their bakery boat in retaliation for sending Ulf to an unnatural watery grave.

(They were gonna let him live with some broken legs, but after they saw how he 'collected' on someone who didn't pay his protection, the switch quickly flipped to 'we gotta kill this asshole'.)

Despite their scoundrel behavior, they are winning over the citizenry of Charhollow by donating a lot of time and coin to the poor Widowhaven Hospice in the district. If it just so happens they have access to physickers to help them recover in between be it.
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