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Diana Leah
Music lover - sports car enthusiast, free thinker - natural lifestyle
Music lover - sports car enthusiast, free thinker - natural lifestyle


up all night, again.....sooo tired..

So far, supplements added have had no help. Added more water to my daily intake. I am also taking 1/2 Neurontin each night. Higher dose seems to make my foot pain intensify. Sleep is difficult. My feet have become an all consuming problem making everyday tasks virtually impossible.  I am having "foot drop", I believe it is called - where I as I walk, one of my feet will just roll over, quickly, on the side. My balance is becoming more affected the past 2 weeks again. I have not fallen down anymore - not this time. Now that I understand what is happening, I am more cautious, careful when walking. I wear very thick, tight footie's as a loose fitting sock will fall off with me never feeling it. I have looked down to discover one sock missing and the other halfway on. I also wear thick socks to help with the pain I feel from the hardwood floors, tile and even the carpet pile. The tiniest thing feels like a nail. I have lived for years with my spouse having this and I did not understand how his numb feet could possibly be painful. We do not have the ability to feel anyone else's pain.  Even this description cannot describe how intense the pain can become. It wears you down. Taking a bath has become scary, dangerous in a slippery tub. Driving is almost impossible. I cannot go down the 3 steps to go into the garage without holding on and then just allowing gravity to help. I land in the car..  I have lost the ability to pick up my granddaughter. I can not play with her, as I did just 9 months ago. Quality of life. That is the biggest loss. 

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Excellent !
When I saw how clearly the Milky Way was rendering to the west,  I couldn't resist pointing one camera away from the meteor shower radiant to test my luck.  With over 27 meteors, my luck was very good!

Image Notes: This was taken on my D700 on a Rokinon 14 mm.  Again this is a composite image, taken from 324 30 second shots at f/3.2, 25 seconds.  One other image was taken at a longer shutter speed/lower ISO for foreground lighting (via moonlight).

#Night #Astrophotography #Astronomy #Perseids #perseids2012 #Photography   #Landscape #plusphotoextract #Wyoming #starrynights   #starrysky  

Health Issues making it difficult to go anywhere, can't drive my car (clutch and neuropathy do not go together) , miss being free.  

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