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Back to reality
We are back in the Netherlands for 1 week!
And things are starting to get back to normal. Our 3-month trip gave us so much: it allowed
us to experience what it means “material is not the source of happiness”, we experienced the warm welcome from family and ...

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Big People Party!! @ Trinidad Carnival
On the last lap of our trip we celebrated one of the world's biggest festivals in Trinidad & Tobago. Carnival is a huge thing on this side of the world, celebrated on nearly every Caribbean island and in many Latin countries, and Trinidad is always listed a...

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From the 3rd world to the 1st world in an hour
On our way to Trinidad & Tobago, where we were going to celebrate Carnaval, we made a 2-night stopover in Curacao.  What a change!  We almost got used to the chaos of giant holes in the road,
cold water showers and extremely loud traffic. But in Curacao, al...

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Corcovado Park
Our final
stop in Central America was the Corcovado National Park on Costa Rica’s Pacific
coast. This area is much more difficult to get to as compared to other parks:
from north Panama, we had to take 4 buses (and in between pass another horrible
border), ...

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Time for Coffee
One thing Central America is famous for, is its coffee! Many coffee bars in the Western world sell coffee or beans from Guatemala, El Salvador or Costa Rica. As a coffee lover, one thing on my list was visiting a coffee farm to know where it originally come...

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Last week we were so far south in Costa Rica, plus we had some time left before our flight to Curacao on 25 February, so we decided to check out Panama for a few days! From the border we took chicken buses and a boat to Bocas del Torro, an island group in t...

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Borders and Chicken Buses
One of the most interesting and at times funny, but mostly disturbing and annoying thing that any traveler in Central America has to deal with, are borders.  Four of the 8 countries in Central America have created a CA-4 agreement , indicating that borders ...

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From the cloud forest to the tropical forest - and kiteboarding!
After enjoying the Volcano Arenal area we spent a few days in Monteverde, which is a cloud forest park in Costa Rica. This mountainous area is split between a humid side with air from the Atlantic coast, and a dry part where the air comes from the Pacific. ...
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