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There will never be a cooler or more down to earth First Lady
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This is the uncensored repub convention day 1. Mainstream wont broadcast this version.
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YourAnonGlobal @Activist777mg if so he did it in contravention of Islam. No Muslim supposed 2 oppose Muslims 4 sake f Indidels. Read Quran. Sorry, Twitter is taking too long to load. Try again. Home · Sign up · Log in · Search · About. Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about ...
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Have her in circles
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Truth. There are moves by racists and others to have BLM considered as a domestic terrorist group. Thats interesting seeing as how those same people say nothing about white supremacist hate groups, most familiar thr KKK. The KKK is known throughout history for lynchings, rape, robberies, arson and bombings. When is the last time BLM lynched a white man, woman or child? Bombed a church? Never! There are multiple videos on you tube. telling the most horrible lies about a movement that just wants justice. One very big lie is thst BLM is anti white and advocates killing white people. Yet there are hundreds if not thousands of white peoole and others marching with BLM protestors and holding up signs saying Black Lives Matters.
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Charles Whitman (1963).jpg this person killed 49 people at a a Texas University August 1966. Now why would news media label Orlando massacre worst mass shooting in US history? Because this man is white! fo your research people. Most news media lie.
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This is freaking wierd! Something from the 40's or 50's. The children are not the problem, Trump is!
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Typical pig ass comment from a repugnant supporter!
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