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"An unrepeatable, anecdotal study without controls or peer review confirms all our prior assumptions," said everyone on the Internet, always.
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"One measure of a truly free society is the vigor with which it protects the liberties of its individual citizens. As technology has advanced in America, it has increasingly encroached on one of those liberties—what I term the right of personal privacy. Modern information systems, data banks, credit records, mailing list abuses, electronic snooping, the collection of personal data for one purpose that may be used for another—all these have left millions of Americans deeply concerned by the privacy they cherish.

And the time has come, therefore, for a major initiative to define the nature and extent of the basic rights of privacy and to erect new safeguards to ensure that those rights are respected."

 - Richard M. Nixon, State of the Union Address.

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Everyone who now or has ever worked at #Linkedin and who has anything to do with their web user authentication interface should be permanently barred from touching a computer ever again for the rest of their lives.

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You know what the best thing about the Internet is? Me either, but I'm pretty sure the last time it happened was 1993.
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Some further thoughts on #iOS7

The fundamental mistake that the anti-skeuomorphic movement makes is to think that they can replace visual cues with semantics. iOS 7 is great example of this fallacy; you can replace buttons with text, but unless "Next" is INVARIABLY in the upper right hand corner of the screen, it doesn't work. The result is user frustration, which combines with the shock effect of the aesthetic changes in the UI to produce criticisms like "it's ugly," when really what's meant is "It's hard to use."

Yes, that's right. I just said it: Apple has made iOS harder to use. When the iPad first came out, I looked at it and thought that it would be the ideal device to replace the aging laptop that my elderly mother uses. Looking at that same device with iOS 7, I could never say it. It's not that it's not more powerful, or that iOS 7 doesn't do anything better than iOS 6. There are real improvements under the hood, and many of the places where skeuomorphics didn't make any sense should have been changed. But over all, this update takes a device that was fairly intuitive to use and makes it far less so. 
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"Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred."
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Good morning Googlers. Let's have a contest to pick my headline for this post:

1) Gee, Internet porn really IS free after all
2) This is what happens when you don't shoot enough lawyers
3) I download torrents, but only for the articles
4) ?
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I have formally left the book of Face. 
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