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Bonnie Perez
Digital Advertising Analyst living and working in Seattle, WA
Digital Advertising Analyst living and working in Seattle, WA

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Leveraging an existing brand icon! Well done!
Yea, the world's going digital but a publisher who knows its brand and knows how to get people to live its brand is king. 

"The barbershop, which is being launched in partnership with hipster shaving emporium Fellow Barber, will offer services ranging from a simple $10 “cleanup” (perfect if you’ve wound up on a last-minute concert date with no time for primping) to a shave and haircut package for $75 (a mere fraction of what you’ll be paying for those Arcade Fire tickets)."

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I've had a similar experience. ..
New post: "The secret to creativity and intelligence: Being able to make connections"

"The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it." - Theodore Roosevelt wow..

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She attempted to quantify beauty. Made it her mission to perfect her definition of what it is to be beautiful. I would say she's a genius of her own medium.  #thescienceofbeauty  

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I find that people who are passionate enough to achieve in their own lives bring that passion to work, and are very results-oriented. I look for people who can explain that to me in their own lives, too. They need to be able to see the patterns. - #JenniferDulski of, on Problem-Solving, #newyorktimes  

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If you're in charge of a non-profit this article is for you. 

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Have you activated this feature?

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Great work +Mixpo VideoAds! This was a fun test! :)

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Google+ Business/Brand accounts are coming soon!

Here's what people want to see in them:

-Google Analytics integration

-Google Places integration

"Circle groups" - follow a collection of profiles at once (like Twitter lists)


-Bigger hangouts (for chatting with big communities)

What features would you like brand pages to have?

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Amazing!! My phone gets pretty hot in the sun but, still looks pretty useful! 
Researchers have developed solar film that could turn your smartphone into a solar panel:

#solarpower   #smartphone  
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