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This keyboard app looks insane. I think I'm going to have to try it. 

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I'm writing a fifteen page paper on slipstream fiction for a class, and I'm enjoying the heck out of it. My favorite part so far (that still needs editing, but you get the point):

Echoing Sterling, she states that "science fiction's history as a distinct genre may be approaching its end." Science fiction, it seems, it becoming a mode rather than a genre (Hollinger 1999). 

These discussions and assertions leave one with a few questions whose answer may never be fully illuminated: First, is slipstream being subsumed as a subgenre into an evolving science fiction? Second, as mainstream literary writers are utilizing the tools of sf more frequently, is science fiction being subsumed into mainstream fiction? Trends certainly appear to be supporting both of these notions, creating an Ouroboros that make the labels in bookstores less and less relevant." 

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This looks pretty awesome. 

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Also, you could play sweet guitar solos in outer space?

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I started watching this out of curiosity, and ended up finishing the entire hour long video in one go.

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+Dathan Brown, I'm pretty sure this was taken at your house.

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This, friends, will make you feel wonderful about both the world AND the internet. TED, you're the best.
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