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Jared Hunt
Occasional writer; part time hedonist; full time nerd.
Occasional writer; part time hedonist; full time nerd.

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+Hamish Cameron this seems especially relevant for you. 

Just about to leave +BreakoutCon: Toronto's Tabletop Gaming Convention. Will be nice to be back on west coast time but hard to leave a great event and great people!

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One of the key pieces of my current revision of Wizard World (my Ars Magica hack) was arriving at some spellcasting moves I was happy with. It's been a big hit with early playtesters, but I'd love to hear feedback from the community.

Thanks in advance!

The baseline requirements for casting a hermetic spell are:
- About 10 seconds of clearly enunciated arcane words and gestures.
- A single target.
- The target must be clearly visible.
- The target must be within the distance the caster’s voice could carry (about 50 paces).
- The duration must be momentary or concentration.

Spontaneous Magic
When you spontaneously create a significant magical effect, build the spell using the process described in Crafting a Spell, then roll+Technique. On a 10+ the spell works exactly as you described. On a 7-9 the spell works but you must choose a mishap from the list below. The GM will interpret how the mishap manifests. On a 6- you lose control of the magic.
- The effect is weakened.
- You suffer strain (in addition to any you may have accepted in the casting).
- The magic draws immediate, unwelcome attention.
- The spell has a problematic side effect.
- You lose concentration on other spells you are currently sustaining (you can’t choose this if you aren’t concentrating on any spells).
- You gain +1 Warping.

Crafting a Spell
Begin by describing your intent and agreeing with the GM about the Technique and Form involved.
For each point of mastery in the spell’s Form you may make one choice from the list when you build your spell (each point of strain you accept allows you to make an additional choice). A - 1 score in a Form means you must accept 1 strain to cast the spell (and you may accept further strain to make further choices).
- Far - the spell can affect any target the caster can see.
- Area - the spell can affect an area rather than a single target. Once = an entire group or everything in a room; Twice = everything within a defined structure.
- Precise - the spell can be precisely controlled. This could be a small part of the target or select individuals within a group. May also apply if you are using Creo to conjure something or Rego to move something and you want to hit a target that is moving quickly or erratically.
- Persistent - the spell will persist for a while without requiring concentration. Once = 2 minutes; Twice = until the next sunrise or sunset (which ever comes first); Thrice = until both the new and full moons have set.
- Still - you can cast the spell without making obvious gestures.
- Silent - you can cast the spell without needing to speak in a clear, loud voice.
- Quick - you can cast the spell very quickly. When multiple magi cast spells at once, the spell with the most quick tags goes first.
- Penetrating - the spell will penetrate the target’s magic resistance. Powerful targets may have layers of magic resistance.
- Resilient - the spell is resistant to countermagic. Multiple applications make the spell progressively more difficult to dispel.
- Devastating - the spell will inflict terrible harm.

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I've talked to some of you directly about this, but I wanted to put a shout out because the summit starts tomorrow morning (Monday, Feb 13).

All of the presenters are awesome creative ladies (including my lovely wife +Crystal Stranaghan) but EVERYONE is welcome!

The event runs all week and each session will be available for free up to 48 hours after it's presented.

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This is not just a coincidence...

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The Apocalypse has come to Vancouver!

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Looks like I'll be running a couple of sessions of MotW at Breakout Con ( in March. Please share your one-shot wisdoms/tips/resources so I can be the best possible ambassador!

- 2-5 players
- 3 hour time slots
- players may or may not know MotW


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I've talked about how I feel about "Don't use [thing] ever" as a writing tip before, so instead of rambling on about that for the umpteenth time, have this.

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Kieron Gillen On Diversity
Kieron Gillen has written some of my favorite comics over the last few years: Phonogram , Young Avengers  and Wicked + Divine . He's also work on Thor  and other properties around the Marvel Universe . Some of the things that he writes resonates with me, pa...
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