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I Apoligize that I haven't used my Google+ profile in a while. This will now change. Heading to the Maghreb for my most beloved person; my wife! I will be returning with her sometime in May. Currently uploading photos from Destiny gameplay. These are characters I have been working on for about 6  months. There are 12 of them; Inspector Lotus, Detective Tatsumaki, Officer Mwokaji, Agent Bloodstone, Agent Today, Al Thuban, Agent Ubito, Sergeant Ubito, Professor Ki1Somma, Agent Ifreet, Dry Justice, and Agent Cardiac.

About one of the characters; Inspector Lotus. I have not created his profile yet, but my reason for his creation ties into the terrible earthquake that took the lives of so many people in Nepal.

I am currently in the process of rebranding my virtual profile between two areas of research that are very important on a personal level. The first deals with my interest in the Islamic world, with my wife being the center of joy. The second is my interest in virtual worlds. DCUO was the starting point for this research.

This is the link for my research on the Islamic world thus far:

And this is the link for my research on the Virtual world thus far:

My profile picture is of Agent Synthetic. I did an interview with him and my real world name (in Morocco), Abdul Nasser, in order to see how it would look. I found that having another character take over the Islamic research, that I was involved in, proved to actually work better. That character is Professor Ijtihad.

My hope is that I can balance these research projects on a monthly basis through this profile on Google.
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