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Here is a challenge for anyone bored or interested. Race around the world in DayZ.

You start as a fresh spawn in Novo, and in a highly populated server 30 or more players. You then travel south visiting each town, city, and base along the perimeter of Chernarus. You have to travel though not around each location. Since the north isn't that populated with cities, the path arches south then back up to Novo. You have to complete the lap with one life. If you die, you start over from the beginning.

Bonus challenge: Lone start. You start alone without any friends or team. The only people you can travel and team up with are strangers you befriend along the way. 

Here is a list of each location you must pass though to contemplate this challenge.

Balota Air Field (SWAF)
Pavlovo Military Base
Stary Sobor
Novy Sobor
Cernaya Polana
Novodmitrovsk (FINISH LINE) 
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Christopher Benjamins

➥ Internet of Things  - 
This is fantastic news for the Tesla museum. Elon Musk is donating to help with the completion of the museum.

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I learned the hard way. Don't spray paint 75rnd mags. 
The devs said they will have this fixed in the next patch which is this Wednesday I think 
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Yeah, if you surrounded every military building with more zombies than any single person could ever successfully overcome, for example. Imagine if you had to have someone to distract the zombies, someone to sneak past and grab the loot and others to help if things go pear shaped. There's still the trust issue, like is the looter going to come back with the goods, or will the distraction team get eaten by mistake, or trapped in a building or just get carried away leading zombies and waltz off into the sunset, pied piper style?
Until team work is necessary, players will just KOS.
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Last night i encountered a new hack. this hack started appearing within a week. This hack allows the hacker the ability to remotely force target players (or all players) to drop any or all their items. Those items can then be reported to the hacker. I imagine this one could easily be game breaking.  If anyone else encountered this before or has additional information please post on the feedback issue.

Video of the hacker showing off this new hack DayZ SA - New Hack... Insane

also you guys should add a general discussion section. 
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I've been hack robbed and killed as well while completely isolated. It strikes me that the hackers are working harder on this game than the developpers. Enough with the hats and drinking animations and get to work on shutting down the teleport scripters and loot thief hackers. It is becoming as bad as COD.
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Christopher Benjamins

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Seems simple enough. 
You Build the Future. You Go to Space.
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Christopher Benjamins

Tutorials  - 
Found this in another community.
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Have him in circles
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Christopher Benjamins

Survivor's Stories  - 
As a follow up on the challenge i just posted( )
Here is my story so far at my attempt.

I started this challenge 2 or 3 days ago, and I am about 50% completed. (currently in Zelenogorsk) I started it alone and played as a friendly using no help from existing friends. I have approached 11 individuals, 8 of them traveled with me at some point during the travels. The most i had together at once was 8 (including me) while we ran from Svet though Berezino.

On the road from Novo to Svet i ran in to a freshie who joined up. In Svet i hun around there for a while and rapidly found new people who joined up with us. apon leaving svet, we found one more, but he was a bandit who attempted to kill me when i was seperated from the group. he shot and broke my leg. I splinted it as the rest of the group came back and drove him away. We then headed south to make a run though Berezino. We encountered 2 or 3 more hostiles at the docks in Berezino, a few indivisuals in the group stepped up and took care of them rather effectivly, We made it though with no losses. 4 of them logged off soon after leaving Berezino. The other 4 of us continued south, 2 more logged off by SE light house. It was me and one other now. We made it into Electro and we stopped there to make a campfire and logged off. 

Logged back in, traveled in to electro and encountered 2 other players. Both friendly and wanted to travel with. One crashed or timed out and never returned before we made it out of Electro. When we made it to Chernogorsk we caught up to the friendly i logged off with in electro and from there we traveled to Balota Air Field and looted the buildings and tents. Server restarted while in balota and we lost the guy i picked up in electro. In the far west jail house we found another player. We talked from outside, and let him leave, no shots exchanged. The one guy i was with now logged off in Kamenka. I travels up to zelenogorsk and looted the military loot along the way and in town then logged off. 

I am surprised at how well this has gone so far. Svet and berezino where the most dangerous places on this journey.  The friendly approach seems to be working great. I doubt I would have gotten as far if i played alone or KOSed players as i seen them. I may give those methods a try as an experiment later.  I have been recording this whole thing so once I'm done I may make a timelapse of the entire thing and a edited video highlighting interesting events along the way. 
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Can't wait to see the video mate :D
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Christopher Benjamins

General Discussion  - 
Last night i watched How to Train your Dragon 2 and really enjoyed it. I loved the armor design hiccup had and after seeing the movie I knew I wanted to make it as my next costume. I wont be able to start working on it for a while though due to time and financial limitations but I will as soon as I can. In the mean time I will be working on the design and sketching it out. 

The biggest challenge so far that I will face I think is the pegleg.  At first I wasn't sure how I would be able to pull it off without making it look awkward and keeping it relatively comfortable. At first I thought I may be better off ignoring that he lost his leg and just have the second boot, but after thinking about it some more and looking at some renderings of him and his leg I think I have a solution. 

The peg leg is bulky enough up to the foot part, where the foot is wide and open. The idea is that I will wear a black sock, or thin black shore on my foot to hide it and build the actual prop around that. I shouldnt have to widen or deform the pegleg too much from its original to get that to fit in theory. The only other alternative I can think of is to bend my leg and attach the pegleg prop to my knee and walk with my upper leg and foot tied behind me which would make the costume look weird from the back, as well as it could potentially be very uncomfortable. I am open for any other ideas. 

For materials I plan on mainly using cardboard, EVA foam, leather(maybe) some 3d printed parts for the details and fin mechanics on his back. I have worked with foam before and a little bit of cardboard but not leather. I don't know how hard it is to work with leather and how expensive that may be so that may not use much of it at all.  
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Christopher Benjamins

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This is how I get work done.
It'll save time in the long run! #OverEngineering #ThisIsSoMe
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So im pretty sure im late but
in the glossary last page:
"Valve Activities—You will learn to love blacksmithing" does this imply they learn/do blacksmithing/metal working at valve, or ?
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