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I-Novae Studios is raising funds for Infinity: Battlescape on Kickstarter! An epic space sim where 100's of players wage war across a seamless, procedurally generated, true to scale solar system!
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The freeman Chronicles has been updating relatively regularly and they are making some good progress on the film so far.
Pre Production I have settled on a final location and the producer has just gotta work out the details.  Hopefully that process is complete.  We are only a few weeks away from the production and th...
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I'm having some issues with my replicator(original). The machine does not seem to boot. when i turn it on all i see are two black bars going across the screen. when i flip it over and look at the board the debug LED is off, 3.3v 24v and 5v LED indicators are green and the overheat LED (near Y-MIN) is red. 

According to my searches online it seems this may eaither be a firmware/boot loader issue OR the voltage regulator blew. I do not see any physical damage on the voltage regulator.  

This issue happened just after I turned the machine off and back on after I tried to load up some firmware and it failed because I did not press the reset just at the right time. When i have the on and connected to the computer via usb, replicatorG does not detect it. 
I am going to order an ISP AVR programmer to see if I can reload the bootloader or firmware though that, hopefully that's all that's wrong with it. 

Has anyone else encounter this issue before or have any other direction that I should take? 
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You shouldn't need to flash your bootloader at all. I usually hold the reset button, click upload, wait till it actually is about to upload and then let go of the reset button. 
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Just played Half-Life 2 in VR - extremely cool 😁 More impressed with the experience than I expected. I actually walked in that world! I loved it. Looking out the windows as the transit car pulled into the station was remarkably effective in producing a " sense of presence". I can't wait to get into the meat of the game! Highly recommended is a game pad. With mouse and keyboard, the "e" key failed to grab anything. Restarted the game a few times and that was, as of this posting, a consistent issue. As well, with a game pad, you never have to worry over reorientation of your hand on the keyboard.
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A gamepad or

I am dying to get my hands on this stuff but I am going to wait for the consumer release of the rift.
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I have yet to get used to an on screen keyboard dispite using them for 2 years now
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Exactly why I'm stuck on my Droid 4. Soft keyboards suck ass.
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I have been looking around the internet but i cant find a clear definite answer. It seams that YouTube will allow me to stream live though it and i would like to give that a try but while i do art or whatever i like to play music in the background of my stream from Spotify or Pandora. Is that alright to do, or is it not? 

From what i gather, legally, its kinda not, but everyone does it anyways and as far as i can see, no ones been hit for it. 
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Thanks, that would be cool. I didn't plan on monetizing my streams or videos on my channel but I feel like they will treat a monetized and unmonetized the same with an copyright issue. 

The question is only really for streaming. When I do art I listen to music that puts me in the mood, and then if I stream it and I'm done I take the recording speed it up to a time lapse then use some royalty free music in the time lapse I upload to YouTube.

As for royalty free music, people have pointed me to but have said that its the most common, good music but since a lot of other people use it, many other videos use the same music. I am also following a YT channel or two who every so often publish a playlist of royalty free music, I cant find it right now but doing a quick search on YouTube shows that there are a number of other channels who are dedicated to showing royalty free music for the purpose of people using it for videos. 
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Ran in to this while reading a forum. Here is a method to cast your prints in to metal by creating a silicon mold and mixing metal powder with resin to cast. 
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Found this supplier near by in my city, the possibilities are endless...
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In the middle of trying to flash firmware on to the mightyboad, snap crackle and pop. 

I was having issues before after trying to flash new firmware (  and finally got around to trying to fix it with an usbtinyISP and this happens. I assume that the voltage regulator went bad before without any visual indication and trying to flash it set it now set it off. Either way I guess I need to replace the board. I wonder if makerbot will replace it. Otherwise I found this 
Alternatively could i use a different mainboard? 
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The firmware was too big, it didn't fit on the chip.
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This adapter allows you to connect most any phone to most any eyepiece. Like a microscope, telescope, etc! \nI am always working on new stuff to prin
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Hey, you can now buy a brick which will be engraved and installed in the Nikola Tesla Museum.
Add a comment... looks pretty interesting.  I found someone had posted it on reddit in the gamedev subreddit.  It searches a bunch of 3D model sites for models.  I've successfully found a whole load of low-poly 3D pokemon for printing (eevee!), and other things.
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