Ever want to quickly set up one templated page per student on a Google Site?  Want a quick and easy way to email feedback and check the last update time on each student web page?

Thanks to some inspiration from folk like +Sean Beaverson and +Graham Bowman  in the Apps Scripts for Education - Builders and Users Community (https://plus.google.com/communities/11280694700423616523) I spent some time this weekend creating the  pageMeister script, which does the following:

--Takes the URL of an existing Google Site and uses a list of students (with email addresses) to generate a page per student.
--Allows you to construct the page titles in the spreadsheet.
--Allows you to position the student pages underneath any page on your site.
--Lets you use standard Sites templates (Web page, Announcements, List, File cabinet), or specify a custom page template.
--Due to limitations in the Apps Script API, this script DOES NOT use "Page-Level Permissions". As a workaround, all students can be automatically added as editors or viewers to the whole Site.
--Optionally send notification emails to students with new or existing pages
--Batch send custom feedback emails to students using spreadsheet data.

Should be in the script gallery some time on Monday.   Will also be added to the gClassHub script gallery so it is easy to use with class rosters.  (see http://www.gclassfolders.com/gclasshub) ping +Bjorn Behrendt 

Until then you can get the script by copying this spreadsheet:

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