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educator disrupting edtech, dad, husband, coder, maker, home cook, bicycle rider, optimistic skeptic, American pluralist patriot, democrat
educator disrupting edtech, dad, husband, coder, maker, home cook, bicycle rider, optimistic skeptic, American pluralist patriot, democrat

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Brush teeth. Make coffee. Contact Congress.
202 225 3121 (main congress switchboard number)

FYI for folks who have the GoGuardian Extension, beware that it is currently causing all Add-ons UI's to load as blank sidebar or modal dialog. GoGuardian is aware and working to fix the issue. Disabling the GoGuardian extension or using Add-ons in incognito should be a workaround until they get a fix out.

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Fascinating to watch as the business sector makes marketing hay from opposition to small-bore Trumpian thinking. From the super-bowl ads, to this new decal on the street-level windows of my co-working space, the winners in our economy have long understood the true value of open discourse, competition, diversity, and empathy.

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Saw this film today and cried like a baby. Who knew I had such a weakness for the combo of applied mathematics and smart, beautiful black women overcoming historic injustices while also launching white men into space. All kidding aside -- this is a beautiful and powerful story. A must see for anyone, but especially for dads of girls and their daughters.

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NYTimes: "The women’s march in Washington was roughly three times the size of the audience at President Trump’s inauguration, crowd counting experts said Saturday."

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The tail end of a very fun #womensmarch political dance number. 5th Ave., NYC. Gives a great sense of the energy of the day.

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A few of my favorite protest signs / scenes from today's #womansmarch in NYC.
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I spent some time researching my genealogy over the past few weeks and discovered that fully 7 of my direct blood ancestors fought in the American Revolution. This recognition of my connection to the founding story of the US emboldens me beyond what I believe to be mere politics. We are entering a time in which the defense of core liberal (lowercase l) values -- enlightenment epistemology (a.k.a. science, reason, and a evidence-based truth) and democracy based on core Constitutional freedoms -- is re-emerging as something that people of good faith and education must take up in their daily responsibilities. With Trump we are at the edge of a very dangerous precipice. Vigilance and -- if necessary -- active and public resistance will need to become understood as the duties of patriotism, citizenship, and humanity. This is not politics. This is the protection of the rare and hard-fought human creed that is represented in the traditions of the western enlightenment movement that spawned our current civilization -- via science, technology, economic power, and innovation -- as we know it.

The New Yorker's Reznick writes (and this piece is on fire, and a must read, BTW):

"In other words, the Constitution is not by itself an insuperable barrier against the authoritarian temptation. As Obama pointed out in his final press conference, there is a distinct difference between debates over policy and moments when “core values may be at stake.” A President can at least try to constrain freedoms, issue racist decrees, intimidate, coerce. And, if that becomes the case, it will be on us, resolute citizens, to protect the republic—to demand, as Franklin said, that we keep it."

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Big thanks +Alice Keeler for the opportunity to share the work I'm doing at +Amplified IT. I'm super excited for the impact Little SIS can have on increasing meaningful tech adoption in classrooms.
Learn about the transformational power of Little SIS for Classroom -- a tool created by our own product division, Amplified Labs, for automating the setup and rostering of Google Classroom -- in this guest post
+Andrew Stillman wrote for +Alice Keeler 's blog:

The post shares a success story from Port Arthur Independent School District, where technology coordinator Kenneth Daigre says, “I just want to say that what you guys have done for us here is the only way we could ever do Google Classroom in our district. Within minutes of our rollout, we had teachers of our pilot schools communicating their joy. Teachers have begun emailing and thanking us for syncing their SIS student schedules with google for classroom. Many of them have stopped using an online application similar to Google Classroom and this helped them make the switch. Thanks Amplified IT for the program of the year!”

Learn about pricing, supports, and how you can get started with Little SIS in your district:
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