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Monsters, cats & serpents - Sarah Woods (Bradt Guide)
Sarah Woods returns to the sacred lands of Colombia’s San Agustin to marvel at ancient carved  monuments and troglodyte tombs etched with mythical winged monsters, wild cats and serpents.  According to a local fruit seller, San Agustin acquired its

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Tall Houses & Dead Houses - Ron Emmons (Rough Guide)
While the ethnic minority groups of North Vietnam like the
Flower Hmong and the Red Dao are renowned for their flamboyant outfits, those that
live in the Central Highlands, such as the Bahnar and the Giarai (also spelled
Jarai), tend to wear workaday clothe...

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Yugostalgic Belgrade - Laurence Mitchell (Bradt Guide)
Although Josep Broz Tito was half Croat and half Slovene, he
spent most of his time as the Yugoslav hero in the Serbian capital, Belgrade.
It is here, in the leafy Topčider suburb of South Belgrade, where you can find
the former leader’s memorial complex – ...

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Hill Tribes of Shan State - Joe Bindloss (Lonely Planet)
Joe Bindloss (Lonely Planet) goes trekking in remote Burma to meet the Shan State hill tribes. Every country likes to describe itself as a melting pot, but in the hills around Kengtung (Kyaing  Tong), in Burma's rugged Shan state, the tag fits.  The tiny vi...

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A day with the Apatani tribe in Arunachal Pradesh - Vanessa Betts (Footprints)
Vanessa Betts ventures deep into India’s remotest state to meet the Apatani tribe. For me, Arunachal Pradesh had always meant Tawang Monastery
and nail-biting mountain passes, and it was only my second visit that I experienced
the unique tribal culture of t...

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Hospitality redefined - Andrew Burke (Lonely Planet)
On Andrew’s first visit to Iran in 2003, he learned that the kindness of strangers can redefine one’s  idea of hospitality. I didn’t know what to expect from spending Christmas in Iran,
but I wasn’t expecting to be standing by a dusty road in Khur, an oasis...

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Inside Iran – The Glories of Persia
Dawn light streams into Nasir al-Molk mosque, illuminating the meditative dusty air with a vibrant palette, enriched in intensity by the stained-glass windows. The reflections cast onto a deep-pile Persian rug snuggling my toes and inviting me to stay a whi...

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Meet the Experts: Eastern Turkey with Diana Darke
Eastern Turkey, "another world" inside the Turkey of Istanbul and package holiday resorts, is an area travellers are beginning to stand up and take notice of. And if Joanna Lumley is planning a visit, it must be worthy of exploration. This is the message of...

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A Short Boat Ride - Diana Darke (Bradt Guide)
Diana returns to Eastern Turkey and takes a boat ride to an area that can nowadays only be visited by boat. Semi-inundated by the flooding of the Euphrates when the
upstream Birecik dam was completed in 2000, the village of Halfeti now sits on
the eastern b...

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Ark of the Covenant - Stuart Butler (Lonely Planet)
Stuart Butler ponders the mysteries surrounding the Ark of the Covenant. Overshadowed on one side by the modern skyline blotting
Church of St Mary of Zion and on the other by the fortified old Church of St
Mary of Zion, it would be easy to walk right past t...
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