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Paul Maneesilasan

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Hey Kalyn, I totally used to have a similar system (organized across various written things like notes, diary, etc).  However as I got more data, it got a bit too disorganized :p  So, I made all the stuff I did manually, into an online/offline app, usable over a computer or mobile.

Paul Maneesilasan

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I agree with the video and am very happy it was produced.  However, 100% true or party true, I think the economic hitman part at the end could have been left out as it was a distraction and is quite polarizing.  

The point is this: yes, the current government was democratically elected, however that "popular vote" came because the party in power influenced the vote by giving huge benefits to the people, benefits like the rice scheme, basically trading debt for votes.  These lopsided benefits where not for the good of society, but aimed solely at getting the vote.  So, the majority power, retains the votes and they continue this cycle of trading Thailand's future, for political power today.

I am an American here in Bangkok, and I was very disappointed when I heard our Presidents televised option of the situation in Thailand.  Unfortunately he took the easy outsider stance of, "support democracy, resist military oppression."  The military stepped in to try to keep peace between the two primary groups.  Those being the ultra rich who like status quo and buy the votes/support of the farmers/masses, and the second as the educated middle class who are against corruption and want reform.

In my view, it should come down to this, the status quo isn't working, so lets change.  This change is through reform.  Once that is done, carry out a new election, and act through the reformed guidelines/structure which had been decided upon.

As the video said, this is a Thai movement.  Let the Thai people go through the process on their own.  If they need assistance, I am sure they will reach out themselves.
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