Fast Company - The Butterfly Effect - Greg Lindsay has a good post on charter cities and the global challenge of accommodating refugees.

Greg discusses two ways to accommodate greater numbers of refugees: 1. external processing centers that review asylum requests and assign refugees to participating countries and 2. charter cities. The external processing centers would would spread eligible refugees among participating destination countries, relieving pressure on those countries that are particularly popular among refugees.

This strikes me as a system that would be an improvement over the status quo. But it does lack a potentially important element of choice for refugees (which may be why Sweden doesn't like it). Also, though this plan is admittedly designed for asylum seekers, I can't help but notice that it does nothing for the millions of non-asylum seekers who would nevertheless move to better governed places if the electorates in the destination countries would allow it.

Adding charter cities to the mix would expand the set of choices for asylum seekers and would-be migrants. While external processing centers try to minimize the number of asylum seekers received by any one destination country, charter cities would actively compete to attract new residents, asylum seekers or otherwise. This dynamic would offer asylum seekers a choice among several well-governed cities rather than uncertain placement in countries that are reluctant to have them.
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