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This is a pretty cool use of Street View,
Street View imagery is going up, up & away, celebrating Kennedy Space Center's 50th bday w/ new imagery of the complex 

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"What we're doing is giving you a 100-percent success rate," Marlinspike told Ars. "It doesn't matter what password you choose. we demonstrate that [MS-CHAP] is never secure."


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I will be migrating my Google+ profile from one account to another. It might create some odd things for my old posts etc. when it happens next week. We will see...
A while back we announced plans for a tool that would help you transfer your circles from one Google+ account to another and ensure that your followers are automatically directed to your new, preferred profile.  Today, anyone can visit Google Takeout and click “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”:  For more information, check out this help center article.  Thanks again for being so patient!

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I'm very happy to see that Colin Percival still handled issues with Tarsnap "The right way", though it does not surprise me.

The outage also shows some of the problems with redundancy - you have to have A LOT if you really want to minimize downtime, and even then it's certainly not easy.

I'm still a happy Tarsnap customer.

Interesting direct impact of software bug: 1MW of power.

I have a hosted server at and got this in a mail from them:

Subject: Please check the CPU load of your server!

During the night of 30.06.2012 to 01.07.2012 our internal 
monitoring systems registered an increase in the level of
IT power usage by approximately one megawatt.

The reason for this huge surge is the additional switched 
leap second which can lead to permanent CPU load on Linux 

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Vulnerability in Cyberoam DPI devices [30 Jun 2012] (CVE-2012-3372)

Cyberoam make a range of DPI devices (
which are capable of intercepting SSL connections.

In common with all such devices, in order to intercept these
connections without causing certificate warnings, the devices require
that a certificate must be issued for the intercepted site by a CA
browsers trust.

There are two ways to achieve this - one is to persaude an existing
trusted CA to issue a certificate for the site to be intecepted, or an
intermediate CA that can then be used to generate new certificates on
the fly. This latter behaviour recently got Trustwave in trouble.

The second method is to have each willing victim[1] install a new
trusted CA in their browser, and have that CA issue the fake
certificates. This is, of course, the only legitimate way to use these
devices and we are pleased to see that this is the approach Cyberoam
reveal to the public.

However, it is a little surprising that the Cyberoam devices appear to
all use exactly the same CA. This can be seen to be so by looking at
the support page describing how to avoid warnings: Examination of a
certificate chain generated by a Cyberoam device shows that this CA is
not used to sign an intermediate which is then used by the device, and
so therefore all such devices share the same CA certificate and hence
the same private key.

It is therefore possible to intercept traffic from any victim of a
Cyberoam device with any other Cyberoam device - or, indeed, to
extract the key from the device and import it into other DPI devices,
and use those for interception. Perhaps ones from more competent

[1] In the corporate setting, willing victims are often known as
"employees". Unwilling victims should not, of course, install the CA
certificate, nor should they click through certificate warnings.


Victims should uninstall the Cyberoam CA certificate from their
browsers and decline to complete any connection which gives a
certificate warning.


This issue was discovered and analysed by Runa A. Sandvik of the Tor
Project and Ben Laurie.

Another great +BSDCan completed, meeting lots of people.

We got a fair amount of work and discussions done, especially for the FreeBSD cluster administration team.

Now there is just the fun of dealing with jetlag. I failed miserably this time and fell asleep too early during the day, so now I'm awake at 4 in the morning.

Thanks +Dan Langille for organizing yet another conference! Hopefully see you next year.

PS. very happy that +Google sponsors BSDCan.

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Waiting for my flights to Ottawa via Philadelphia. Much looking forward to seeing everybody at +BSDCan.

PS. yes, classic boring pictures, but I was bored waiting for my flight.
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