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Another win for the policy holder. Don't allow insurance groups to push you around. They are obliged to pay you claim in full and you are entitled to select you own repairer. Not the cheap agreement your insurance group has with its "preferred network".

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Totally agree.

If the Australia Auto Glass Association (AGA) want to be take seriously, then perhaps its time to approach the Australian State Government to enforce some regulation in regards to Steering and its unfair practise.

Policy holders are not getting freedom of choice in a system were the customer presses option 3 and get placed directly in touch with the contracted suppler (recommended repairer). And lets face it we are all aware of the reasons why they are "recommended".

This action would prove that the AGA stands behind their mission statement of "Representing the windscreen industry without bias".

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Stop the madness!

Do we really want pay for the privilege of have ads pop up whilst driving? Even rain sensors, how useful are they? How difficult is it to flick a switch.

What the car dealer will not tell you is that gadget gimmicks break down and cost a fortune to replace.

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Subaru instruct that anything other than a genuine windscreen for their vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), will result in void warranty.

If your insurance group is steering you to their preferred network that will install aftermarket windscreens, you may want to challenge this.

For correct parts replacement call Service 8® for advise.

Storm Warning for SE QLD. Possible Hail. Get vehicles under cover.

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Sika 207 Primer solves the problem of contamination on the windscreen fritt (black ceramic band). A thin application with a magic sponge leaves a thin clean activated surface for the adhesive to bond.

Here is how we do it.
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Bostik Adhesives on the rise.

Price rises are not the most welcome at the turn of the year. However, when the screw is turned on the networks that little bit more, it has to be a good thing.

Independents not affected. We pass costs on.

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Liebherr Drott.

Not an easy install as I believe they have made a design fault. The top spotlight covers are welded to the body (not removable). This makes a very, very tight squeeze, for the glass to go under and up without touching the adhesive. We have installed 4 to date and today being the least labour intense with use of a Gantry Crane.

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Nice have a bit of healthy competition. Is that not what capitalism is all about.
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