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Tim Capper
Results Driven Local SEO Consultant and Google My Business Top Contributor
Results Driven Local SEO Consultant and Google My Business Top Contributor


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Understanding the 4 Types of Holiday Shoppers

There’s a strategy to approaching each holiday shopper segment, and as a marketer or local business owner, you need to understand the types of holiday shopper and their holiday shopping profile.

#LocalSEO #LocalBusiness

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Scam Support Numbers Alert
Beware fake Google support numbers!

Scammers have been posting "support" phone numbers in the Google product support forums and across the web.

Google does not offer phone support for most products, and when they do, they usually have you submit a form and call you back.

The best way to find support:
1. Open the Google Support Center at
2. Click the product you need help with to open that product's support center
3. If direct support is available, you should see a "Contact Us" link either at the top of the page, or on the left menu on mobile.

Here are Google Contact resources for some of those products that do offer direct assistance. Note there is no general contact email or phone number for general Google support.

Google My Business

Google Ads
(for advertisers)

Google Ads Local Services Support
(For advertisers)

AdSense Publishers
(account eligibility requirements apply)

YouTube Creators and Partners
(account eligibility requirements apply)

YouTube Paid Memberships & Purchases
(YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, YouTube TV, movie purchases)

Google Play
(Apps, Movies, Music, Books , Newsstand and more)

Google Drive

Project Fi

Pixel Phone

If you have a Google One account, you can also get direct support for a number of Google products that don't normally offer 1:1 support:

Chris Andrews has the details of how the scam works:

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Google Product Expert Summit 2018

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Three amazing GMB Community Managers
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Global GMB Product Experts all together.

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PE Summit Entrance this morning

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Tim Capper is Pedro Dias

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New logo in place for TC summit

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On Disavow by an SEO in 2018
SEO : Link Disavowal Criteria

The link is to the latest post by +Jenny Halasz over at +Search Engine Journal.
In this installment, she answers a question about Disavowing a link that sends traffic but has a low Domain Authority (DA) score.

I'm happy to say that Jenny's 100% on the money.

The ONLY reason to disavow a link is if it is Spammy!

It's 2018.
We've had the LDT for 6 years.

When it was first announced, the common consensus in the Google Forums was that much like the URRT (URL Removal Request Tool),
it was going to cause damage due to misunderstanding and misuse.

And we were right!

It's 2018 - and there's still a number of moronic SEO's that use the LDT on links based solely on things like Domain Scores (or whatever metric they use from whatever tool they use).

There is ONLY one reason to remove a link,
It's Spammy.

It doesn't matter if the link supplies traffic or not (nice if it does, better if it converts :D).
It doesn't matter if the link is on a low-value page.
It doesn't matter if the link is on a low-value site.

So long as that link is "organic" (you haven't arranged for it nor paid for it (directly, indirectly, personally or via a 3rd party etc.)),
and the page/site it comes from isn't garbage,
then keep that link!

If your SEO comes back and says something akin to;
"We can can get rid of these 50 links because none of them have a DA above 25",
fire the moron,
(Then go find a real SEO and ask them to audit your LDT file and check to ensure the moron didn't harm your rankings by nuking legitimate links!)

#SEO #Links #LinkDisavowal #LinkDisavowalTool #SearchEngineJournal #DarthAutocrat

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Down to santa Cruz and up to half moon bay with +Sasch Mayer and one liner
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