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Superbowl XLVI - Prediction

Quantum entanglement of Diamonds! - Awesome - wonder whats next!

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Yet another attempt at OS-Level Virtualization. Sun has been doing zones / containers for a while, without a hyper-visor - Parallels did this with Virtuozzo, and It was not impressive, It worked, but not without a lot of hassle and issues.

Oracle claims its built for the cloud, really? what inst these days?

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Yet another reason to give credit where deserved - Microsoft:

"This flurry of improvements is in addition to progress Hyper-V has been making against ESX in licenses issued. Hyper-V grew 62% last year compared to ESX's 21%" growth and Citrix's 25%, according to IDC. Separately, Gartner projects that by next year Hyper-V will account for 27% of the market, up from 11% two years ago. Within that projected 27%, Gartner says Microsoft will have captured 85% of all businesses with less than 1,000 employees that use virtual servers."

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More companies are adopting the move into the cloud, its amazing how virtualization has transformed the adoption of service based computing. Many of you will recall the mid - late 90's which saw the emergence of ASP (Application Service Providers) - that lasted a while but died just as quickly.

Virtualization has provided many innovations which has made the adoption of "service based computing" or what is today called "Cloud computing" a reality - quick deployment, elasticity, pay for only what you use, and hardware to OS abstraction has been some of the innovation catalysts to make Cloud computing a reality.

I made a prediction about it:

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Nanotech memory - a reality!

"The advantages of memristors are that their read times are about 10 nanoseconds, with write and erase times of 0.1 nanosecond. Data stored in memristors lasts years, and you can read and write them about 1,000,000,000,000 times (HP is still counting) without data loss. In a nutshell, we're talking about increasing storage density by a factor of two, increasing speed by a factor of ten, and decreasing power consumption by a factor of ten, all at the same price point as flash memory is today."

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image by Jonathan Mak Long

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Great message from Steve Jobs. - Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

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Hilarious! :)
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