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Ima keep buggin you till I get a way to get up with you. I haven't got ahold of Travis in a while. HIT ME Up!!
fukkn love thtt sonq n video..!!
i am getting ready to throw myself into the greatest idea i have ever had.  I come from KY.  Nobody likes me because I am talented yet humble.  I have been through some crazy experiences that made me hate everything.  But since I lost my fingers, yates I swear I see things for what they are.  I have lost my friends and family due to them using me for their own need.  Robbed by mother, taught to do drugs by my father.  But One person had just the right amount of hate for everybody (and love for me) to teach me music when I was a child.  I have learned strength, but its hardto keep.  
Here's reality: two or three times a year a bunch of kids come to a three day festival and I would like to say "enjoy music"  it is a bonaroo - back before Bonaroo sold out to main stream.  Tech I am going to dedicate this year to reaching out to fellow musicians big and small.  Teaching children they can have fun without needing a T.V.  Unfortunately, I am no stickler.  When I almost lost my hand, nerve damage leaves me on a daily diet of pills pills pills.  It is not as cool as you would think. I know beauty when i see and hear it, you are beautiful soul.  You could say I learned through nothing but BAD EXAMPLES not to be a prissy beatch, you feel me.  But everyday has been awful.  I am taking charge of myself.  But I am gonna need help.  You and KALI and Kutt, I met this year.  We drove from Ky to KC.  I hear it in your lyrics, you know that there are a million things we could do to make a difference.  However, I am one of those that needs probably more than anyone.  Take care.  I am Lacey, 31 I love drum and bass from the late 90's...really i hate country....nut other people love it so whatever, it's just not me.  Oh I even got the strange symbol on my upper thigh.  
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