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             Fashion and modeling has been
co-existing in our culture longer than the life of our ancestors. The bias of
white models was engraved so deeply in the mindset of designers, casting
directors and others. What we talk about is a culture, a social...

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Cobalt is the new black
What more to feel wearing a cobalt coat on a day when I have the finals? absolutely mood lifting and it does chase away the loomy and anxious feeling i'm bearing over the last week.  Cobalt and its brightness is definitely my new black <3 F21 white lace dre...

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21? Forever 21!
I thought over-knee socks aren't belonged to petite people with "short legs". This thing wasn't an item on my checklist ever, until recently I shopped at a F21 store and fell in love with the socks. Well, I gave it a try and surprisingly it did look okay on...

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Critical Thinking: “Is the fashion industry continuing to show a bias toward white models and a lack of diversity?”
Internet. Picture taken during Dolce & Gabbana fashion show clearly showed the
overwhelm of white models in number compared to other races) Since the early
era of fashion industry, the catwalk society has been dominated by white
models. Allegedly, ...

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Marc Jacobs - The Man of Honor
Marc Jacob The Man of
Honor   “I always find beauty in things that are odd
and imperfect - they are much more interesting.” - Marc Jacobs Marc Jacob, the
highly renowned name in the global fashion industry and the prodigy fashion
designer of the 21 st centu...

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Looking back to the time I came to FIDM during the
Orientation Day, I was surprised to know there were not many Asian like me in
school. While carrying that thought, a pretty girl with fair skin and beautiful
long dark hair caught my eyes from a distance. I...

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