14 Ways To Learn How To Helpfully Ride The Coattails Of Google+ influencers.

This is a riff on the excellent article by +Tom Treanor. (Please show him support and follow him).

Let me define Ride the Coattails my Google+ way:

It's metaphor that refers to the way in which Google+ Newbies can gain influence through their ties to Google+ Influencers. It does not mean that the newbie will get a free ride. No.

The newbie will have to earn the ride. And this article explains how to honestly and helpfully get a ride.

See point (12) for the explanation of the riff concept.

Here are the 14 Ways:

1. Start Cultivating

Pick a small set of Google+ influencers that interest you (say 4-6 people) to start with.

Place them all in one circle. Sincerely comment on their posts or +1 it. It does not help you +1 an odd post by +Melody Lynn and you are clueless about the topic. Mean it!

I have someone who drops 20 +1's within 30 minutes on me. I am no influencer but this is useless. Check this article by the great Google+ Plusser +Jaana Nyström on commenting. Check the comments for ideas on what works. http://goo.gl/s1n8V

2. Show Your Support

If believe your followers will benefit then also share your influencers posts. But never just share without you adding your own salt and spice to the story. As a rule I never share just link. SpammyShare is vain.

Influencers are good social networkers. They will take note of the share. Many will acknowledge it. And may even like and comment if you have added you own clever salt and spice angle.

3. Become Their Informal (or formal) “Community Manager”

As a rule newbies follow influencers; these newbies need help and asks a question at the influencer's post. Get in there and give them advice. The influencer and other will take notice and see you as valuable resource.

4. Connect Them To A Great Resource or Person

You may notice that an influencer has an issue. You know of another influencer who may help. These two influencers may not know of each other. Introduce them via +name.

If someone asks a question anywhere on Google+ and you know an influencer who can help then +Name (tag) the influencer at the post and ask them to come and help. This is a great opportunity for the influencer to brand his skills.

Or the influencer may ask for help and you have an answer. Or you know of another Google Plusser who can help then connect the two.

5. Cover Their Keynote

Join hangouts that your influencers present. Summarise your positive view and publish your post tagging the influencer.

If you have negative things to say. Say it to yourself. And forget about it.

Or see 10. Again you are doing it because you have learned something genuine; Positive stuff will help your followers and brand the influencer.

6. Offer Free Consulting To improve Their Business

Are you a banner or scrap book maker? And you have made a nice one for yourself. Offer to make them one. Use +Google Plus Profile Picture + Banner Maker. It's free and does a great job.

Also go and see what my friend +Bearman Cartoons is doing offering caricatures.

You don't have to be an artists. You may have Crome skills like +Valentin Dobroia or presentations skills. You can even create a screen cast video of their images; don't publish it to youtube. it's not yours. No. Just give it to them. If they want it let them publish it.

7. Review Their Book, Product or Event

Let's look at an example; +Guy Kawasaki wrote an excellent book everyone on Google+ should read (What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us http://goo.gl/TZlAk no aff). Read it and tell people what you have have gained from it.

I am not saying Guy will give you a ride. But focus on making other people look great - when they are!

8. Interview Them

Arrange a one one hangout or ask them to be the expert host or do a private HO and ask them questions relevant to their expertise. Preferably send them the questions before. And it's assumed that you already have some relationship going.

10. Give Them Honest Feedback

The other day one of my Influencers was frustrated with Google. I was able to change the perspective of the influencer by giving straightforward advice. My influencer accepted my view, felt better and moved on.

Influencers are not intouchables they are people like you and me.

11. Create A Valuable Resource For Your Community

+Rahul Roy, the man who connects many people and curates great Google+ articles, was asked by +Peter G McDermott if he would run +G+ Library. That's compliment to Rahul.

Rahul agreed; I know that Rahul is capable of a lot but why not offer your services and assit Rahul. (This is just an example).

12. Riff Off One Of Their Ideas (not rip off)

This article is a intended to be a riff of +Tom Treanor's article (http://goo.gl/N3Q1K). You basically take something and you add your own art to it (I am not suggesting my riff is art).

His story angle is on general social media and mine focuses on Google+.

If you find something on Google+ that you like and have another angle on then ask the person if you can riff it. I asked +Tom Treanor.

13. Become A Customer

This is straight forward. If you have a need for their services then use it. If they sell a book on Google+ and it's great then buy it and share it. (See .7)

14. Offer To Write A Guest Post

On Google+ this is not applicable. (I think). But you can offer to write one on their blog.

Does this not remind you of the bank balance story?

By following these ideas you are depositing value into the bank balance of your influencer. One day the influencer will acknowledge your positive balance. Influencer will pay you back more than what you can ever expect.

Can You Go Too Far?

+Tom Treanor says yes. +Guy Kawasaki adds that it's an art. All I can say is; if you are not honest you'll be exposed as a fraud.

Tom share 5 tips that can help you to not go too far. Please read Tom's article at CoppyBlooger here http://goo.gl/N3Q1K. It is his first Article on CopyBlogger. (Well done Tom!)

Have Fun.

P.S. +Melody Lynn shared this oxymoron of a quote by Oscar Wild http://goo.gl/QtDiS and it think it's appropriate:

Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about. Oscar Wild
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