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50 plus burglaries in Potters Bar over the last month, visit http;/ for the metropolitan police guide to protection from burglars.
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We at Terry Able can help you find high-quality security solutions.
The following is some information that you should really know:
An alarm system will report a break-in but won't prevent it. Intruders are usually "long gone" before the security service or police arrive. Alarm systems are, however, an ideal supplement to mechanical safeguards.
Thus, the basic rule is: mechanical protection first, then the alarm system!
If break-in resistance is sufficient, intruders will give up after about 3 to 5 minutes. Good mechanical safeguards – properly installed – offer this high degree of resistance!
Do not leave ladders, tables, chairs and dustbins readily available outside your home. These make it easy for thieves to reach the first floor for access through windows and balconies.
About 80 % of conventional windows, patio and balcony doors do not provide sufficient protection against being pried open with a screwdriver or a crowbar.
Due to increased risk of injury and telltale noise, intruders shy away from breaking panes of glass.
This kind of break-in is quite uncommon.
Nevertheless, you can give your glass
panes additional protection with special security foils.
Always lock your doors, an unlocked door is opened easily!
Now we are sure you will have an informed holiday break so we wish all of you a very safe and very happy christmas!!!
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