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Jen Cordeiro
I'm a Vancouver-based fitness competitor and a Fitness Print and Team Blessed Bodies member. Food and fitness are my passion.
I'm a Vancouver-based fitness competitor and a Fitness Print and Team Blessed Bodies member. Food and fitness are my passion.

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Time to Reflect and Reset
Soooooo, Roatan is awesome! I had such a great trip and can’t
wait to go back (tentative plans are already set for early next year). The trip started with us fitness gals getting into the cab at the
airport and the cabby asking us, “Are you here for Spring ...

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On Season and On the Road… to Roatan!!
Even though I haven’t been blogging on here as much lately,
I have been posting somewhat frequently on Instagram (@jencordeiro is you wanna
follow me). And in those posts I had been hinting that I was prepping for
something big and exciting… and something t...

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New Year, New Post (Finally!)
Absence makes the heart grow fonder?? Right? Right? Ha ha
ha. I hope so. While consistency has found a place in my daily fitness and food
routine (yay for 365!), it certainly hasn’t found a place here yet. Yikes! It’s now the middle of February (!!) and I f...

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Some early motivation. What I'm listening to at the gym to get me through those last few reps. No judging please.

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Early Thursday Morning Motivation
While sometimes just the thought of coffee and food can get me out of bed in the mornings, other times I need a little bit more to keep me going, especially while I am banging out 30 deep walking lunges with 25 dumbbells across the gym floor at 6:00 am in t...

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Pumpkin Pancakes and Greek Quinoa Recipes :)
It’s the weekend! And it’s fall! That means two things: It is menu planning and meal prep time, and Pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere... including my pancakes J In terms of weekend food prep, I’ve got a pretty good Saturday
routine down. Sleep in, e...

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Why Am I Doing This?? Good Question! I Ask Myself That Sometimes
In my last post , I mentioned that I currently don’t have any
concrete fitness goals set. Yes, there are things that I want to do and
achieve, but nothing specific that has a deadline. This has put me in a bit of
a precarious and unfamiliar territory. Since...

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It's WIAW! It's Also What I've Been Up To
Waaaaahooo! It’s Wednesday. I’ve been eating. This is what I
ate today (and Monday and Tuesday, and will again Thursday and Friday- I’m a...

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Clean pancake and pizza recipes! Mmmmm!!

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TBB takes over Vegas!! Find out what goes on when a team of fitness models goes to Sin City.
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