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Not been on here for a while, how is everyone? Anyone in need of encouragement or prayer?

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Hi all,

Is it me or there seems to be a concerning rise in Humanism/Athiesm? It's quite scary the arrogance of people when human standards fall well short of God's standards but they think this is the way forward.

How would you approach this subject?

Also are some people like this just lost causes? Is it best just to pray about it and ask God to intervene?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Not been online much today, but remembered to share the #goeverywhere  video on my Facebook Timeline and also shared it on the Church Facebook page and asked people to share. Will be interesting to see if anyone does.

Hi All, Just to let you know I have changed all of my social media channels to the #goeverywhere  covers :-)

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Hi all, 

Not sure if you have come across this at all but thought I would share:

Surely this man was the Son of God?

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Hi all

I have come across this via +UCB a Christian Broadcaster in the UK. It is different videos of young people who have come to Christ. So I thought I would share it on here also.


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I actually use Facebook and Twitter more. Mostly because I have a larger audience. That's not to say Google + isn't a good tool also.
Do you think Google+ is an easy place to share your faith?

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Christian Family & Midweek Fellowship
Just slinging another quick Blog together whilst I have the thoughts in my head. The one thing I have come to realise is what comes with Christian family and the fellowship. No matter what Churches describe them as, Bible Studies, Home Groups, or Connect Gr...

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