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Martin Hawksey
Google Developer Expert (Apps Script) and Open Education advocate
Google Developer Expert (Apps Script) and Open Education advocate

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Little scriptlet if you'd like to run automation tasks in Google Drive every x number of months with #GoogleAppsScript

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Twitter Feed in New Google Sites

So I created a site for our schools Ski trip this Easter and wanted to give parents a one stop shop for all of it including twitter feeds from students/ staff on how the trip is going.

Old sites has a Widget but new sites was a little more complicated. However, I found a way that uses Awesome tables to pull this together.

This isn't the most straight forward of things to do but once it is setup it just keeps working without interferance.

has a process that is simple enough to follow for pulling tweets either based on # searches or @ people. This pulls down the tweets into the sheet.

This creates the the format for awesome tables to display the data.

Will then create a table that New sites can use to display the tweets in a simple way.

The setup is far from slick and I followed this YouTube video to go through it all but now that it is setup it doesn't need any further input and it updates hourly.
(This video was a live recording rather than a rehearsed instructional video)

I thought I'd share this as I know others are using sites and looking at ways to add extra content from other sources.

The outcome is a sheet that Awesome tables pulls data from to display on the new site.

There may be a coder that could make this process simpler or more beautiful but this works for now.

Need a new watch and phone, looking forward to see what gets launched at Mobile World Congress ... P10 and G6 are front runners on the phone front and either New Balance or Huawei for a watch

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Was never convinced Spaces were going to stick, shame though for those who use it

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Nice start but looks like some more learning required... "Twitter user Ramsey Nasser points out that the algorithm has consistently high toxicity for Arabic, no matter the content"

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Something new to look out for if you are working with Sheets...

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