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Here is a design mock up of a brochure that shows of typography and design skills. This is not a brochure that is actually used. It's just a way to showcase some work. The photos were pulled from google, and I used a really company.

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Ballyhoo Baby Label
My friend Alyssa is starting her own small business helping future or new parents enter the world of parenthood! I created a few different designs. I went with a pun in the owl design, also making it more modern. Alyssa fell in love with the more vintage lo...

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Wine Label Progress
Another post about the adventures of my parents starting a winery in Carlisle,  PA. During this time of year they are focused on the blackberries and grapes and making wine! Something they really need to start producing soon is a label for the wine bottles....

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Family Farm Business Cards
Creating business cards! Anyone need and small design projects let me know!!I always love seeing the logo I created put on so many different things. We also got a shirt embroidered. My parents will have their winery soon. We are all so excited!

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RSVP Design
anyone creating an RSVP for a party, I suggest doing something similar
to what I did for my wedding. The answers I'm getting back are all so
different and fun! I can help design something for you if you are interested!

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Holy Cow, how awesome did these turn out! I'm super proud of myself and my giant "yardzee" game I made. I took a 4x4 and had them cut into square pieces, thanks to my brother Lars for helping. Then I sanded each block to make sure they did not have any shar...

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Wedding Favors
 I'm proud of these little favors! They are altoids that I wrapped with
wrapping paper found at Michaels Craft Store. The ribbon I found on
amazon and it is actually a stretchy lace so it made tying bows super
easy. And the hearts  I found on Amazon as w...

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More Wedding Signs
I'm so excited about how these signs are coming out! My parents had their barn redone on the outside so there are so many scrap pieces left over! I will definitely post more pictures of these signs once we have the wedding!

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We did it!
In case any of you were curious, the wedding was perfect. Now to focus again on other art work!

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Elena Deer
Here is 8 Month Elena's painting. I loved finding a little bird sitting in flowers on the deer's antlers! Check out the Facebook page at here  to see the speed painting video!
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