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When did CA change the motor vehicle code to require drivers to remain in the left lane, regardless of speed, except when passing or heading to an exit (at the last possible second)?

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Whew! Finally have a chance to log into G+. Went to Brussels for the EU Hackathon (, where I was on the jury. Some very creative minds hacked some slick tools to demonstrate and/or measure both Internet Quality and Internet Transparency.

In the past two years, the police force for San Francisco's BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) has shot and killed two men. There are plenty of opinions about the events, and since I wasn't present at either, I won't add mine to the choir.

The two events have led to various protests, the most recent last Thursday, planned to be on the platform of the Civic Center (underground) station. The organizers had advertised they would use social media to send updates to protest participants.

In an attempt to prevent the protest, BART turned off cell service inside the Civic Center station, along with several others, for about three hours on that day, starting about an hour before the protest was supposed to start (according to media reports).

The protest did not occur. Whether lack of cell service should get credit has not been determined.

Of course, there are mixed reactions. Some people think BART should do whatever is necessary to ensure order and safety, while others believe that had an emergency occurred, it would not have been possible to call for help (and had a doctor been on a train, s/he would not have been reachable if needed).

Of course, there is the irony that the U.S. government has set up cell towers in some countries where the regimes have attempted to silence their citizens.

Anyway, the hacker group Anonymous has targeted BART for its actions, announcing that it would render BART's web sites unusable. (BART has two public sites:, for information about schedules, fares, parking, station locations, etc., and, with contests and prizes, and other incentives to ride BART.)

Anonymous succeeded in breaking into, and along with changing text and graphics, it also managed to get a (partial?) dump of the database, containing user IDs, email addresses, passwords, and in some cases, phone numbers and snail addresses. Someone in Austria has posted the file. now is inaccessible (attempts just get a page saying the site is closed for renovation).

Of course, the development team for has a login ID for the site.

The password for the development team?

Wait for it... be patient...

it's admin123.

I'm glad they aren't the people running the trains!

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Seen on a gas station wall in Colfax, CA.

Just got through the secret door, thanks to an invitation, and now I'm getting started.
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